Thursday, August 11, 2005

Swimming With Sharks

Here's a mind-twister for ya. Bear in mind that the RWR is the Romance Writers' of America monthly trade magazine, which goes to approximately 9000 homes per month, and that Disney is the world-reknowned conglomerate that offers billions of people access to entertainment.

Disney artists who are canny can place phallic symbols on their covers in plain view where kids can reach them (this particular video had more than one cover'll see the raunchy ones advertised for sale on E*Bay for around five bucks used and considerably more if new), but a romance author can't have "man titties" (which many poser art covers have now that Fabio's have retired - and damn, I miss that man, sorry). Neither should they have clinch scenes in the RWR unless both (well, okay...unless ALL parties now days) are fully clothed and don't look as if they've just experienced the taste of a Godiva chocolate. I won't even extrapolate on the fact that gay couples are allowed in church but that you won't find them posed for a clinch in the RWR and that the inspirational romances deal with only one particular inspiration.

One of the breast-beating, brow-furrowing topics of conversation in RWA the past year has been whether or not to allow "certain elments" in the publishing business to belong. Well, they should have thought of that before they opened the door for subgenres that only had "romantic elements" years before the erotic romance authors united to form their own chapter. Long story made short = the undesirable elements (publishers who buy & authors who write erotic romance) slithered through the doors despite the snakes garding the gate, and they're about to take over the ocean, which scares the seaweed out of The Powers That Be within the organization.

Don't misunderstand, please--I am a staunch supporter of RWA. I simply wish that the authors who feel threatened by what's under the mermaid's scales and string bikini top would realize that if RWA isn't a democracy, it's an hypocrisy. If you're worried about protecting your children from viewing such things, stick your RWR where you keep your undies, dildos, liquor, gossip, and fears...outta sight, because if you're just wanting to display it on your cocktail table, it's hardly Good Housekeeping or Reader's Digest anyway.

The publishing world is a big ole ocean with lots of waves - to think otherwise is unrealistic, and it's not the ecosystem that's screwed up. If any of us are to survive, we need to swim where we're most comfortable and not spend our hours beating up on the other swimmers, unless we're afraid they're feeding in our waters and we're gonna starve.

Nah. That couldn't be why so many of the prim and proper have their noses out of joint. Un-freakin'-thinkable. Right?



At 8:31 PM, Blogger THIS! Christine said...

Voice of Reverend Lovejoy's wife... "But what about the children? The poor innocent children."



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