Friday, August 12, 2005

Pampered Puss

The weekend is approaching, #1 child (only child) is safe at home, the weather is fine, and all I can think about is that I would adore some pampering right now. The stovetop is fried and won't be repaired or replaced until Monday. The printer crapped out, but I do have a friend who has offered to loan me hers (it's sat in the box it was sold in for months in her garage). I've had the most marvelous vacation this summer, yet I feel I already need a get-away plan. Why? Because the moment has come that every author welcomes and dreads. I have deadlines.

A friend sent me one of those "getting to know you" know the kind. They ask you everything from what color underwear you're wearing (what underwear?) to how many keys on your keyring. One question was: what do you do to relieve stress? My answer: bitch, bake, and write. If I'm writing, I'm gonna bitch, and if I bitch, I gotta bake, even if it's just gourmet dog treats for the furry children. [There's also a marvelous no-bake doggy treat for hot weather, in case you're interested. Freeze pup-sicles for them out of watered-down beef or chicken boullion, using rawhides as the "stick".]

Blogging is a marvelous way of avoiding all duties, but avoidance won't pay the bills or win me any favors with the publishers who expect manuscripts delivered on time. So why do we do this to ourselves, even after we've had those vacations?

Because active brains need down time, and somehow following the blogs, reacquainting ourselves with dear friends who don't mind if we're our acidic selves and meeting new ones who are intrigued and intriguing...well, it just relaxes us and helps the ideas germinating in our brains gather nourishment to bloom.

Fall and winter months are my best writing times, probably because I spend so much time weeding and watering, tending ideas in summer. Cooler months are perfect for harvesting those ideas and bundling them into thought bouquets I can take with me and craft.

Guess I'm a late bloomer in more ways than I'd thought.

Happy writing, all...



At 10:25 AM, Blogger THIS! Christine said...

That picture is hilarious.


At 1:35 PM, Blogger Dee said...

Hey, I can post now! Woohoo!

I think that whole "procrastination" feature to blogs is why I feared getting into them. But my brain is working clearer now with all the crap squeezed out of it first thing in the morning.

But I must say, one picture I didn't need in my head is anyone saying, "What underwear??" LOL!

Thanks loads, lol!


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