Friday, September 25, 2009

Fresh Smells

Before this monster cold or flu bug set in with me about three weeks ago, daughter-in-law, good soldier that she is, tried to disinfect the house so that she wouldn’t come down with this crap. She didn’t have time to vacuum or dust, mind you, but she went to the store and snagged every imaginable Glade Plug-In and can of Lysol that she could. It was getting so that I couldn’t pass from the living room to the kitchen without hearing “ssht…ssht” and smelling white tea and linen fragrance. Bathroom? I’m not sure what was in there…lilacs, I think. Their bedroom, you name it. Everywhere. Hell, I’d simply go to brush my teeth…”ssht…ssht”.
I have one dog who can single-handedly (single-paw-ed-ly?) peel the paint from the walls of an entire 12’X14’ room with just one fart. The first two days the kids left on their vacation last week, I fed both dogs Mexican and prayed for whatever odors ensued.
Finally, I’m able to breathe better, and all of those plug-ins are set aside, waiting upon the kids to return. I’m not plugging ‘em back in. I’d rather smell the dog passing gas than battle the annoying sound and smell of freshness assaulting my senses. If I want a great smell, I’ll bake an apple pie or throw open the windows and take my chances with autumn pollen and such.
Tomorrow Gretchen is giving the program at the writers’ meeting. Maybe I’ll sit next to someone wearing Jungle Gardenia, and then I’ll really go off on a tangent.
Hugs, everybody.

~ Sunny Lyn



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