Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Little Naughty Night Magic

What do you do when it's too late to order pizza, too early to go for coffee & donuts, and you're already dressed for bed?

A friend has insomnia--she works crossword puzzles to combat this, because even though she loves the puzzles, they put her to sleep. Another fights her night demons by reading, and so far it's cost her about $30 a month in e-books, which is still tons cheaper than Prozac or Xanex or Effexor. I can't offer you a puzzle here...well, maybe I can at a later date. But for now, I can offer you some books to read that you may order while in your pajamas and that you can read on your palm pilot or computer while you're up and needing something worthwhile to do.

One author is Diane Charles Linford, who has a delicious novel out entitled Handle Me With Care. If you like spooky stories, solid writing, and that touch of paranormal (including dream-sharing and a tarot reading), this one's for you!

Another pal, Amelia Elias, weaves a charming tale in Three Wishes, a boardroom to bedroom story involving a magic lamp and the things that can go on with the help of Gene, the Genie, when nobody is around late at night. How can you not love that water color cover art?

What I like about ebooks is that I can order them on a whim without driving umpteen miles in the heat, I can browse without anyone looking over my shoulder, the bookcover/art work is always fresh as the day I purchased it, and when I travel, I can take my own "library" of reading material with me that weighs mere ounces.

My friend Alexis Fleming fires up the continent of Australia for readers with Outback Sizzle, the story of an Aussie cowboy, his meddling mother, and the spitfire that Mum hires to check out his "wedding tackle" to make sure all is working properly.

Okay, so you may not want to go directly to bed...er, sleep...er...whatever after reading these. But you will be glad that you stayed UP!

~ Sunny Lyn


Mistress Mine ~ Debuted August 2, 2005, Loose Id
The Big O - COMING SOON from Loose Id



At 6:40 AM, Anonymous DianeCharles said...

Omigod! Thank you so very much for this. I'm speechless, well almost! However, I find that I have a craving for huge slice of humble pie at the moment.

Of course, language of this sort of dates me as much as those geriatric romance characters you were talking about in an earlier post.


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