Sunday, October 02, 2005

Being Prepared

There are some things we can do to "get by", and then there are things that must be done unless we want to kiss all our hard work (and our southern hemispheres) goodbye.

Certain members of my family practically live by platitudes. For instance..."if it's not on your butt, hang it up". Another that came to mind when I saw this photo was this little gem:

It's not doing something that matters - it's doing what counts.

How many times have you submitted a manuscript only to realize that you failed to include the cover letter, or you didn't write REQUESTED across the submission if an editor or agent specifically asked for the parcel?

How about when you didn't use spell check, and all of your Turks were Turds because your middle fingers got confused?

We can have a fresh start any time of the year. I figure if I wake up, that's a plus for the day, and anything afterwards is gravy. Beats the alternative...not waking up. Then, too, there's something invigorating about autumn weather that is exciting as spring for me. For some reason, cooler weather is always my most productive writing time. While others are bemoaning the end of their summer flowers, the high cost of heating (who doesn't hate that one?), and the the lack of opportunity to get out of the house...I recharge the emotional batteries and think of my favorite words...abundance and gratitude. There are stories to tell and time to tell them if I buckle down. To every thing there is a season...and I love the productive times.

Hope you are all having a great season writing, that this fall you harvest the fruits of your spring and summer labors, and that you gear up for yet another year.

~ Sunny Lyn
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At 6:21 PM, Blogger Amie Stuart said...

OMG that sign is a RIOT!!!!!!!

I'm soo glad fall is here. I don't miss the heat or the yardwork =\


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