Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Never Too Late For An Adventure

I gotta tell ya, getting away for the weekend is sometimes the best thing a writer can do. Friend Heather has a cabin on the lake...and I do mean practically ON the lake...right on the water's edge. Friend Gretchen has a big truck that packs everything you'd need that might not be at that cabin (and let me tell you, that cabin was stocked).

* * *

Beautiful blue lake in front while writing on the laptop (Gretchen and Heather both had extension cords - lol), chocolate chip cookies, great coffee (I gotsta get one of those Keurig machines), with things like Gretchen's famous award-winning chili for a meal or two, Heather's quiches with fruit kabobs for breakfast, and the occasional walking stick...it was all condusive to a great time with friends and keyboards.

* * *

We were so busy we forgot to drink. Had the fixins for Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, and a few others. We had the multi-cheese and fruit and cracker platter but neglected to drink much other than water and coffee. G' did have a beer or two, though, and while the ladies didn't get drunk, a walking stick looked pretty self-satisfied the next morning sitting atop one of the beer cans left on the porch.

* * *
Evidently, my time at the lake produced a lot of crap. Crit Partner said she was in a foul mood - lol - but I may have been the one to put her there, so I need to go over everything I wrote, take care of some of the repetition (which I pounce on in others' writing but sometimes fail to notice in my own), and tend to the boring tidbits that made her want to gnash her friggin' teeth.

* * *

That's okay. She was a doll for reading it, and it's my job to take care of business before it gets sent to an editor.


Damn it. And I so wanted this one to work. Oh, well. I'm still on a roll with the writing, so I'll just post a pic of the lake somewhere close so I can look at that water and imagine either the sun or the moon (the moon was full last weekend - talk about some dreamy nights)...and get re-energized.


It's really easy to get discouraged. Don't let that happen - any of you. Find your muse, stroke and stoke and savor...then jump back into the deep end of the pool and get busy.


~ Sunny Lyn
(who also needs to blog for Total ebound tonight...the 7th is "my day" over there...and then for Brim Job - also listed on the right column if you care to peek at those two while you're in the cyber neighborhood)

Blessings & Light...



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