Sunday, January 27, 2008

The next writers’ workshop I’m teaching...

Heart of Dixie Romance Writers is sponsoring a writers’ workshop for genealogists and writers who want to combine their love of family with their love of writing. Those who wish to sign up can do so, listed under Upcoming Programs.

February Online Workshop - Family Histories That Read Like Good Fiction with Sunny Cole

To learn more about it, click here or read on…

Dates: February 4th –25th, 2008


Week #1

Getting started with a family tree design or a pedigree chart. Launch into a history of the times and blend it with your relatives for their era. Filter in anecdotes of either relatives or use stories from that period. Like songs, political figures, clothes, or weapons used during that time period. Keep files for research in folders on your computer as well as hard copies. Learn how to research. Learn how to set up a GED file. (Have a cousin helping the class out with this one - she's cool.)

Week #2

Putting It All Together. What to do with very little information – how you can still bring those people to life – you start with them and work in the history of the time periods. (And you'd be amazed at how interesting history can be, especially when you connect the dots and fill in the gaps so that your own family helps color that history.) How to set up your photos and what to use if you have few or none. Fillers that enrich your history books – recipes from family or how to get recipes from that era, games that they might have played, political cartoons, history of that era and area.

***We'll learn how to read census reports, find servicemen's records, and relate what information we find to actual history. My friend Jude's ancestor Archibald Butts, for instance, was in the military, and he was an attaché to President Taft. Butts also lost his life on the Titanic.***

Week #3

Adding even more information. Comparing medical conditions in order to help family members still present. Final resting places and how to list them. Compiling current addresses, keeping a database. How to get your history books published for the least amount of money.
Yah, I know - I should offer this for free, but that's how it goes. Not this time. I can't even promise that your personal history will read like War and Peace or make you cry like "Steel Magnolias", but...I can show you how to personalize events and bring those characters to life.

All payments for workshop must be received by the registration deadline - January 29th .
Please email the Online Class Coordinator with questions.

To Register: email your name, phone, email address you'd like to use for the course and method of payment to the class coordinator. Then submit payment below. (They have a Pay Pal button you can click.)

Registration Fee ($20)

-or -

Mail your registration information with a check payable to HOD, RWA to Heart of Dixie Workshop c/o Kira Bazzel PO Box 1807 Decatur, AL 35602



At 6:38 PM, Blogger Denise Patrick said...

Sounds interesting and fun. Have a great time.

In the meantime, you are being tagged for the MeMe game. Check out my blog for instructions.

At 12:59 AM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

Sorry so slow in responding. I just did 7 things about myself on January 20th - lol. I'm not mesmerizing enough to come up with 6 more. *g* But I read yours (just didn't post, I think) and enjoyed it! Learned some things about ya I didn't know!


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