Friday, May 02, 2008

What I've been reading lately...

Thanks to Hosty Rae at, I've been doing book reviews, not just reading. I posted two reviews today at their site. One was on a book written by Merline Lovelace. You gotta check out her website and that photo of her (the blonde in the boa) – I’m jealous because she has champagne and chocolate in the photo as well. The other review was on a Silhouette Desire written by Maureen Child that I enjoyed.

Other than the books mentioned, I've also been reading blogs (Heather Rae Scott's, of course, considering she's been on my mind and has hooked me back into the Harlequin site). And...I'm really enjoying a work of nonfiction by Joseph J. Ellis called Founding Brothers. Maybe it's because of a recent trip or to to DC, maybe it's because of the HBO series on John Adams. Whatever it is, I'm big into history again and am THOROUGHLY enjoying Founding Brothers.

Here is a review that's better and more thorough than anything I'd have done on the book - read it if you're really interested in the American Revolution and the events surrounding it. I truly cannot say enough about how well this book works for me!

On the writing front, I just turned in edits for Sins & Redemption, which debuts in June with Ellora’s Cave. Lex and I recently sold Pandemonium to Total ebound Books in England. Who’s Your Daddy is going to print! (Any famous authors wanna read it and give us a blurb? – lol)

I miss my step-dogs in DC today. Aren't they adorable???

A seriously WTF moment for me…

My favorite link of late. (As in it brings me to tears - the man is simply beautiful.)
And now, I’m gone. *poof*
Have a great rest of the week, everybody.
~ Sunny Lyn



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