Wednesday, June 11, 2008

While I'm Away...

I have some medical things to attend to, but while I'm away, here are a couple of books I'd like to brag about...well, 3 if you count the last one (nobody commented on it - and I confess that my blog post was thrown up there at the last minute, so no worries...).

Pandemonium was the 2nd in a series I'm working on with Alexis Fleming that deals with pitching the dieties of Mount Olympus onto Earth and giving them a really great sex & love life combined. Pan was a lot of fun to write, and this one can be found at Total ebound Books! (see previous post for particulars, please)

Lex & I sold a novellal to Ellora's Cave as well, but we don't even have edits on that one yet, so can't give you a release date.

I've been involved with a wonderful group of writers from my Passionate Ink group, and we've been "on tour" the past few weeks.

Next up on the Passionate Ink Cyber tour is Shelley Munro.

Welcome to multi-published author, Shelley Munro. Shelley’s sexy books can be found at Medallion Press, New Concepts Publishing, Cerridwen, and Ellora’s Cave.


Pearl’s master plan to catch a rich husband—results so far…A for effort, F for success.

Justin Collet wants way more than friendship from Pearl. He craves love, laughter and hot, down-and-dirty passion. A life partner. All he needs to do is convince Pearl.

A broken relationship, a few drinks and a string of pearls.

Comforting Pearl takes a turn into carnal territory. Heat blossoms between them, fiery and consuming. Sweet kisses inflame and erotic whispers tempt. It’s all or nothing for Justin as he seduces Pearl into agreeing they’re lovers at last.

And now a few questions for Shelley…

Where do you get the inspiration for your stories?

I’d like to be a smartass and say I buy my story ideas at Walmart, but the truth is that I find inspiration everywhere. A story idea can spring from a television show I’ve watched, a newspaper article I’ve read or a book written by another author might spark a series of ideas. I’m lucky enough to do quite a bit of travel and find this a great source of ideas, especially for settings. Maybe I have a fertile imagination, but I have a continual stream of ideas and add a few brief details to an ideas folder so I can save them for when I need them.

Are you a pantzer or a plotter?

When I first started writing I used to make up things as I wrote. Now that I’m a published writer I find I need a more organized approach since editors and agents like to know how a book ends, often before I’ve finished writing it. These days I tend to be a hybrid of the two. I plot enough to know how the book ends but leave myself enough leeway so that each book remains an adventure during the writing process.

Where did you get the idea for your latest book?

Lovers at Last is part of Ellora’s Cave Gemstone series and is a pearl story. The pearls play a large part in the story and bring the hero and heroine together. I took one of my favorite plots, that of friends and lovers, added in the pearls and came up with a couple who knew each other well. The first scene popped into my head and the story came from there.

What makes a hero for you? Do you see them on the street, or are they simply in your head?

In short, my heroes come from my imagination rather than a real person. I have a liking for tall and dark heroes and usually start off with those two characteristics, although I have written a few blond heroes. Most of my heroes also seem to be on the alpha side and are heroic in the sense that they never abuse their position and bully those weaker than themselves.

What’s your writing schedule like?

I write full time and treat my writing like an office job, working set hours. I set myself a writing target for each day and also fit in promo and other writing related activities such as blogging, correspondence and maintaining my website. I think I work harder now than I ever used to!

What does your writing space look like?

In a word-messy! I do try to tidy up a little between books but while I’m writing I like to keep my reference books and notes, my dictionary and thesaurus close at hand. I also have a pile of promo related stuff on my desk and of course, I can’t get by without my calendar that lists my schedule for the month.

What advice would you give to aspiring erotic romance writers?

First of all–READ!. I can’t stress that enough. Read to analyze the market, take all the elements you enjoy and set out to write something unique that hasn’t been done before. Erotic romance isn’t for everyone and if you’re not comfortable writing it this shows in your work.


Buy your copy here.

Last, but not latest with Ellora's Cave

It's supposed to debut June 12th, and it is now about 45 minutes before midnight as I type this, so...

Hopefully, I won't be hooked up to IV poles too long, and I'll be able to come back with more info tomorrow or Friday.

I was supposed to get the art work in plenty of time to promo it, but...things happen. And the cover is supposed to read Sins & Redemption, a small glitch - don't have the cover for THAT either - lol.'s on the "coming soon" page at this moment with the correct cover (I think I can scan in a thumbprint of that one...we'll see.)

I also wasn't given the damned ISBN, so can't give that to you. I did get my zip file of the thing earlier, but rather than try pulling it from that, I'll just say IT IS SUPPOSED TO DEBUT JUNE 12th - It's part of the Oh, Yum series (older woman, younger man). And...thank you to Alexis for helping me get this thing written - she was invaluable, as always.
I'll have more info for you when I get back. :)



At 1:54 AM, Blogger Sam said...

congrats on the new books!!!!!!!!!
The first book in your series was a Great read - I Loved 'Hit and Miss'!
I hope you are well and home Soon!!!!!!!

At 7:54 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

aaw - thanks, Sam! appreciate you!

At 10:42 PM, Blogger Shelley Munro said...

Thanks, Lyn, and congrats on your new release.

At 4:35 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

you are quite welcome, and thank YOU, shelley!


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