Monday, August 11, 2008

Things Not To Do At Conference - lol

I feel for some folks at these functions - I really do. They go in fully expecting to snag an editor or an agent, to wow the masses with their brilliance and talent, and they walk away quite disilusioned.
Then there are those who are mindless, people who just open their mouths and spew whatever has been brewing in their brains. Take the woman who raised her hand in a forum in San Francisco and wanted someone to confirm her suspicions that Nora Roberts has ghost writers.
For one thing, you don't walk into what is basically Nora's house and crap on the carpet. Even if Nora isn't present, her friends, readers, editors, and/or her agent most likely will be, and there you'd be, swathed in ignorance and self-righteous and not much else. All you need to do is THINK before you enter the room. Read. The organization's LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is named for the woman, for godsakes.
When she was plagiarized years ago by another author (and noooo, I'm not going into that - the other poor lady has had enough grief in her life already), Nora donated all the proceeds from the suit to charity.
Anyway, for any of you still wondering, Nora doesn't use ghost writers.
Something else you shouldn't do - don't ignore weather reports from those who live there. They have little reason to lie to you, and there are plenty of things for them to laugh at, so if they tell you that you need to bring a jacket, take a freain' jacket. 'Nuff said.
Don't plan every move you'll make. Leave down time, time for resting, reading, chatting, having that extra stroll through the park or area of the city. Act like you're a participant in your own life, not some game show with the clock ticking.
Just sayin'...ENJOY YOURSELF.



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