Saturday, July 10, 2010


I love my friends. It's weird how often I measure myself against them, using them as yardsticks when I want to stretch my wings and try something new at which they have succeeded (or drag them into a venture with me). Some friends are my age, and we commiserate on aging, aging parents, cashing in too early with dreams we once had. Other friends are much younger, and they keep me on my toes, making me reevaluate how badly I'd like to do something that will either rejuvinate me or put a new crop of lines on my face.

One friend has a son who is dying. They've fought the battle with cancer for years, and now his doctors have sent him home to let Hospice care for him. He's stubborn and insists he's getting better and will soon be back at work. God, I hope so.

Another pal is so busy stewing over things that have already happened in her life that I fear she's missing out on some "right now" things, such as how wonderful she is AS she is, not to mention moments that cannot be recaptured. I want to tell her to slow the hell down. Time is such a thief. (Ask the aforementioned friend.)

This one makes me laugh. She and her family went camping and didn't have time to get their car cleaned. Someone wrote on it: I wish my girlfriend was this dirty.

And from one side of the USA to the other,

Pleasant weekend to all. Look here tomorrow for a Dammit Doll adventure. If you haven't heard and care to look, here's what the Dammit Doll adventures are all about this month:



At 9:40 AM, Blogger Liz Wolfe said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Sunny. My daughter came over on my birthday with a Father's Day Card for her stepfather. I said "It's MY birthday, you know". Her response: "I know, but this is for Father's Day. I'll bring your card later"
She seemed to think that made total sense....WTF?


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