Friday, August 26, 2005

Ann Wesley Hardin

Ya'll up for a little blog tag this weekend (and maybe into next week)? I have a friend with a new book out and a website that isn't cooperating. Been there, done that, have the ugly tee-shirt. So this weekend, I'm gonna talk her up to you. Coffee, Tea, or Lea? has a sexy, federal air marshal hero, a spunky heroine, and the quirkiest family imaginable.

Author Ann Wesley Hardin really is related to gunslinger John Wesley Hardin, by the way - I should know. I did her genealogy several months ago. Ann's writing has the same intensity her ancestor displayed, with an equally irreverent sense of humor and scalding sexuality.

Coffee, Tea, or Lea? is a stand-alone book that follows the adventures of this particular heroine's best friend's in Layover, both of which deal with Ann's love of flying. You won't be missing anything story-wise by reading them out of order, you'll just miss out on a double dose of fun, sex, and romance.

Visit Ann's website when it's back up and running at, and until then visit her publisher Ellora’s Cave to purchase a can't-be-missed, well-worth-your-while read.

I give it a big Sunny Lyn recommendation.



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