Saturday, November 05, 2005

ebooklove day

I think this is my mood for the morning. (design, courtesy of my friend Rinda at The Write Snark - she's added some new designs, by the way)

Four fellow writers and I are having an author day over on Perhaps you can join us later. There's Mechele Armstrong, author of Blood Kiss. Those of you who read the Kinky Kruisin' newsletter might remember her from September's newsletter. Other authors are Flesa Black, Raine Weaver, & Silvia Violet.

Of course, I'll be promoting Mistress Mine, The Big O & Star Struck (which should be out soon). Everyone will be posting excerpts from their books, swapping stories from the trenches, and you might see a "naughty" recipe or two. (Mechele has some that will have you cracking up or panting, depending upon your mood. Her X-rated cinnamon roll recipe is especially good.)

Have a marvelous weekend, everybody.

Pick up a lesson from the animal kingdom today. Take your nourishment where you can get it, don't be afraid to be different, and enjoy your interaction with others. See you in a day or so.

~ Sunny Lyn



At 12:30 PM, Blogger Merry said...

How'd the booksigning go?

Mine went great - sold 3 books during it and gave 21 books to the bookseller and the hotel I stayed at to sell throughout this month!

The hoteliers were also VERY interested in my giveaways - the quilted coasters and fabric envelope and asked if I'd make some up for them to sell int heir gift shop! LOL


At 3:02 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

Mine was simply an author day online, not a book signing as yours was. Went quite well - was in great company.

That cracks me UP about your giveaways and the hotel folks asking you to make some for their gift shop - I think that's GREAT, Merry!!!!!!!! Anyone who has seen your handiwork knows how marvelous it is. (grin)


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