Sunday, November 20, 2005

Weekend Writing

They won't even leave me alone for a weekend. How about you? I thought perhaps I'd do some baking, watch a movie, maybe read, but no. The Voices call.

I feel as though I'm in some virtual chat room where all of the characters who have yet to present themselves fully clothed are vying for my attention. Must be the late night movie from last night, Elizabeth. I don't even write historical fiction, but that movie inspired so many things last night. Talk about great script writing, acting, and directing - so many varied people whose motivations and emotions are revealed, peeled like some theatrical onion. I'd never seen it - what a movie.

Mona Sizer (aka Deana James) once told me that every hero has his faults and every villian his reasons. The statement was never more true than in that movie. Anyone else get pumped for writing by simply watching a good film? What are some that brought character studies to life for you? Others of mine were "Rocky" (the 1st one), "Luther" (another Joseph Fiennes, hmmm), and more recently "Sideways".

The following for Angie, who wanted to see all 3 of my book covers but couldn't find them...

Don't have covers for Just Desserts (Ellora's Cave sale) or Leaving Mama (sale to Samhain) because they're both just going to contract. They'll be available before long, though, so bear with me. Oh, and the latter will be written under the name of Bobbie Cole, not Lyn Cash, because it is mainstream, not erotic in nature.

You can find out more about the books under my author page at The Belfry Collective site. Just click on the hyperlink in the previous sentence.



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