Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Snorkling in Kansas

For those of you who haven't noticed weather reports for the Midwest, here's a joke or two from Janet. The first is how a Texan measures snow. (Okay, so Texas is in the Southwest, but...close enough. Work with me here.)

The second is a pretty accurate picture of what life has been like lately in my neck-o-the-woods. Yeah, it's pretty. It's also FREAKING COLD, and it's treacherous to drive in, and I'm staring at another two months of this crap! - lol

* * *
Oh, well, winter is my time to write. For some strange reason, this is when I do the majority of my meat-to-seat work. Usually, I love it. Sometimes it loves me more than I love it.
* * *

My wolf-hound has the most horrendous case of gas in the world, and love him as I do, being locked up with him drives me bats at times. It's pretty bad when I open the French doors out back to let him out and the damn squirrels run like he's Pepé Le Pew instead of Taz. Poor thing is so darned sweet...and soooo smelly.
* * *
Anyway, back to my groveling for not being available. I've been writing, making lesson plans for an online course I'm teaching next month on How To Write Confessions, dealing with ailing friends and relatives, and shoveling snow and ice from the front porch with what works no better than a wisk broom and a spatula. I'm also still battling the nicotine nonsense. Haven't completely quit - close, but no...dare I say it? Cigar. Sometimes I'm like Chris Tucker's character in Friday at the mere thought of smoking.
* * *
Walking has helped tremendously, but the ice and snow have prevented me from doing much of that the past few days. Either I walk and suck in air that is 8 degrees F' before wind chill is factored in, or I stay home and geek for nicotine. There's not much middle ground except for the occasional straw I mutilate (it's that hand to mouth thang, ya know?).
* * *
Before I sign off on this one, THANK YOU to those of you who purchased my 1st m/m book - seems that little gem has paid off handsomely, considering I'm new at writing the genre. I may just have to write another one.
* * *
Now - I'm off to post that recipe for Snow Ice-Cream (a week late). Have a good rest of the to you soon.



At 2:45 PM, Blogger Beth said...

Hey, I can finally post a comment! (Blogger hasn't been letting me.)

Love the measuring the snow picture. (Yeah, right says this gal from Canada.)

Re: your on-line course (How To Write Confessions). Could you please post further details for those of us who are interested? I've had some success - would love more.

At 4:23 PM, Blogger Rinda Elliott said...

I couldn't even pull up the site, could only read it from Bloglines and I can't comment there. Hey, could you email me? I can't find the right address. Sorry, something happened to my address book. :)

At 12:03 AM, Blogger Shesawriter said...


Where in hades do you FIND these pictures? ROFLMAO!

At 9:36 AM, Blogger April said...

Wow, I never thought of measuring snow like that... That is SO SMART! ;-)

Good luck with the gassy doggie. Our nine-pounder gets the WORST gas. He can stink both of us out of a room. Who knew something so monsterous could come out of those little bodies!

At 12:02 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

Beth, Blogger was a pill for a while, wasn't it? - grr - Right now it won'd let ME log in to sign under my own name. Thanks for sticking with it. I always enjoy hearing from you - and hope you can join the confessions class.

Rinda, it was so great reconnecting with you. I can't believe we've been friends so long and don't remember this shit - lol. (me, worse than you)

Tanya - rofl here - my friend Janet in Topeka is the warped pal who keeps me supplied with most of the photos I use. I haven't had the nerve to ask her where she gets 'em. I may not want to know. *ggg*

April, if you have a gas 'cure' let me know - this poor dog - always smells like something crawled up inside him.


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