Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hunks & Laughs

Just for you, Tanya...

more porn for women...

...and I like the one below...from Janet, wishing me a stress-free day...

Are you still with me? Hmm. Maybe I'll have to invite you to my Pampered Chef party.

Will that do for a day or so? - lol
I have two days to decide what to fix for Thanksgiving for my bunch. We've treated our bodies like temples for the past two weeks while we've been going to the gym, and how we're gonna turn them into amusement parks.

Actually, I found some good links online on how to combat weight gain and loss of muscle tone, that sort of thing during 'the holidays' - lol. I'll share if you won't think I'm TOO much the nerd.
This tidbit was surprising to me: The average American consumes between 2500-4500 calories on Thanksgiving Day alone. (got that from Diets.com)
The author goes on to say: So with all the calories, no matter if it is from the veggie platter, the applesauce, the turkey, or the pieā€¦ calories are calories and all excess are stored as fat. One way to prevent this is to deplete most of the glycogen stores in your body leading up to the big day! Burn off some extra calories before the Holiday to prevent weight gain that just goes on through a vicious cycle till Santa comes or the evil snacks on new years.
Then she lists ways to burn the fat/glycogen:
30 Minute lunch break brisk walk- -152 calories
Take the stairs 6 times a day-53 calories
Clean something for 10 minutes a day- your car, vacuum; clean the bathroom, the kitchen- something! -32 calories
Strength training to tone up too!
Body weight squats at home- 20x4-28 calories
Push-ups on knees or toes- 12x3-13 calories
Sit-ups- 10x3 -24 calories
Thanksgiving Day burn 500+ calories! (say WHAT?)
Preparing food- get in the kitchen and help out.-40 minutes -132
Football- catch with the family-40 minutes- 200+ calories
Cleaning dishes-30 minutes- 65 calories
Walk with family after dinner-30 minutes- 130 calories
Oh, do check out this murder mystery game revolving around Thanksgiving. - lol
Anyway, that's my contribution for the day. Enjoy.



At 11:06 AM, Blogger Shesawriter said...

Yummy. Yes, that'll do. Thanks for the eye candy. :-)

At 5:01 AM, Blogger Sam said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
That mystery look fun - I've never played that sort of game.
ANd I want a pampered chef to come and make me a peach cobbler at my house.


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