Saturday, November 17, 2007

Two blog posts in one week?

John Connolly supposedly said this about author Wilbur Smith:

I had to interview him a few years back and read Monsoon. It was a big book, but I flew through it, and now I go out and buy his historical novels as soon as they appear. The modern ones aren't quite as palatable because the dialogue is so clunky. Mind you, he writes even ropier sex scenes than Ian Fleming. I'm always faintly embarrassed when I read them, although some are hilariously funny. I will forever be haunted by the line: "She gasped at the sight of Tom's wondrous man thing. Why was it wondrous, I wondered? Did it light up? Did it play a tune?

Smut writer in me kinda liked that one. Thanks for the laugh, Mary Ellen.

Another quote I enjoyed, also sent by Mary Ellen: "There is no reason good can't triumph over evil, If only angels will get organized along the lines of the mafia."

Janet sent this one:

It's because she smells like a new truck. *snort*

Had coffee with Carol Lynne yesterday – this woman is always good for conversation and laughs. We discussed writing (smut) over caffeinated drinks and pastries. We talked about what we like best about m/m fiction and writing it: the guys, of course, our favorite gay men. Mine sent me a photo yesterday in an email that read: Wish you were here.

Is it any wonder why I love these guys? - lol. They even have a drink sitting there for me. And I KNOW that if I truly were there, I'd have two hunks offering me a platter of fruit, crackers, & various cheeses and someone rubbing my feet and back.
And in case you are wondering, YES, that is their house, their living room, a real fire in the fireplace, and a drink on hand. It's most likely a Manhattan.
I just added 4 pages to my latest m/m for Ellora’s Cave – that’s all it needed before it was 50k, long enough to go to a print book, as in one for the shelves, one you can buy at Border’s or Barnes & Noble. The damn thing was tight enough, but I did find one scene I’d wanted to expand. THANK YOU LEX for catching it for me.

Carol’s a very private person…and very sweet. She’s well-read, personable, interesting. She hates to blog, though, so I was surprised when she blogged for one of our mutual publishers. I thought this was cute.

Have a good weekend, folks.



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