Sunday, November 02, 2008

Men With Long Poles

October was a long but nice month. I had to extend the class I was teaching (How To Write An Erotic Romance) until Monday, though - didn't get everything critiqued. The class didn't seem to mind.

Tree trimmers spent one entire afternoon here, topping off trees, whacking off dead branches and putting them through the wood chipper. I can't see a wood chipper that I don't think of one of my favorite all time movies...FARGO. Lord, that was funny.

Daughter-in-law and I celebrated our birthdays (hers was Halloween, mine's this coming Friday). #1 Son took us to Cinzetti's, an all-you-can-eat Italian buffet. I've never seen so much food, which was delicious. The service and atmosphere were amazing - big Tuscan villa, 14 food stations. Our waiter, James, saw the birthday cards on the table and asked (no, begged) to make us a cake. He and another waiter came back a few minutes later with a big slab of chocolate cake in a yummy sauce, with 2 candles, which he lit. They sang "Happy Birthday" to us. *sigh* Thanks to Carol Lynne for suggesting the place.

Back to my class. I'm confident that we'll be seeing the likes of Eve Summers, Gianno Bruno, Letty James, Mary Guida, Moria Drake, and Whitney Stiles. (There are others, too, but those are the first names that come to mind.) Those ladies were a lot of fun this past month. I even got a bit of fan mail (fan male?) from one husband. The last creative exercise was a 2-3 pager called "For HIS Pleasure" (no vaginas allowed). I'm sure that sparked some interest in their bedrooms if the writers did much research - lol.

Hope all of you are safe, warm, and happy. Sorry I've been out of touch and haven't kept up my own blog, much less visited yours. Just got busy teaching is all. Hope to bug the hell out of some of you now that I've caught my breath.

~ Sunny

<~~~ me on Carol's patio one night about a week ago while I house-sat and pup sat for her



At 10:06 AM, Blogger Sam said...

Your writing class sounds like so much fun I wish I'd taken it!!
And the birthdays dinner sounded great too (invite me next time, my birthday isn't in October but I Love Italian food!)

At 2:08 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

Thanks, girlfriend. We did have fun in that class. (

As for birthday dinner...Not sure, but I think I enjoyed sipping that mocha cappuccino at the end of the meal as much if not better than I enjoyed the umpteen courses of food. And of course you are invited - at ANY time. What I wouldn't give to meet you!

I just gave away a paper copy of one of your books that I snagged last week - had a writers' meeting about a mile from where I live. Raelene was here...and yours was one of the books she sent as prizes.

So when IS your birhtday? *grin*


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