Saturday, July 18, 2009

Eloisa James Keynote Luncheon Speaker

Gretchen sent this a day or two ago, and I'm just now getting it posted. I haven't read this author, but I looked her up. Her website says she's made the NY Times best seller list. (She writes historical romance.)

Her website is:

As for what's going on in DC, I'm assuming that Gretchen, my fearless adventurer friend, has had to stop playing in the political alphabet soup bowl with FBI, CIA, and God Knows what else. I mean, she IS there for a writers' conference, right? (Nah, I'm not jealous...not bitter.*shiver*)

All I've been told I can say is that one of our published authors is having a good time in DC. She was asked for a trilogy from one of the big houses. Two of our unpublished authors were asked for partials from places like St. Martin's Press (yaaaaaaaaaaaay, LEE and ERIN). There could be more - I haven't talked to Gretchen for several hours.

Hope everyone else is having a terrific start to their weekend. The weather is gorgeous here, and neither of my kids has to work, so...Mom here will be doing the cooking, cleaning, dish-washing, laundry, writing thing no matter what day it is. Maybe if she's lucky somebody else will feed her, though, and take care of the cooking part - lol.

Hey. One can hope.

~ Sunny



At 1:28 PM, Blogger Sandy said...

Hey, Sunny, start pumping Gretchen for more information. I'm dying to hear more. Congrats to everyone.

It wouldn't be Carla who was asked for the trilogy?

Sandy hiding her head, but hoping she's right.

At 5:19 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

hehehe - all will be revealed on Saturday.


good to 'see' you - yeah, I'm hoping you are correct, too! wouldn't that be wonderful?!


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