Thursday, June 25, 2009

People I Love

Friend and fellow author Liz Wolfe just made my day sending me this (says she got it off of Google, so there's your credit if it's needed). It reminded her (and me) of a marvelous Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Houston, summer of 2007, I believe. The Women of Wit were there with exception of ONE out of six...and we all initially met at in "The Bat Cave", so...appropriate, n'est pa?

I don't think I have enjoyed a conference so much, other than maybe RWA Reno of 2005. I ADORE my critique partners, and there we were - Liz, T, Lex, Me, and Ann. There were paper peckers, lots of wine, a few cigarettes, and more than one sleepless night involved...for about a week. And OMG what fun.

Anyway - THANK YOU, LIZ.

Here's a cover of one of her books, by the way. She's a hoot to read - love her.

I also want to draw your attention to a loved one who writes better than his mother. Ya can't tell we're cut from close to the same cloth, can ya? - lol - This young man won his first major writer's award when he was 16 yrs old and had a senior editor from Bantam, no less, asking him for books. Did he ever submit? Hell, no. But he got asked, and he held his own at the conferences where he attend with his mom.
He was my traveling buddy, and we had a blast every time. He doesn't have traffic to his blog because he doesn't go blogging much, he doesn't advertise, and few people know he's even a writer, but I'm "outting him" so to speak if you'd just like to go say hello to the guy you've heard about from me for so many years. He's at and if you see this strange drawing he did of himself a few years ago, you'll know you've arrived. Some artists go through a Monet phase - mine went through a Kevorkian one (hey, ole Jack wasn't bad if you're into modern).

I'm sorry to see the passing of Michael Jackson (okay, he was weird, but he was talented, OMG), Farrah Fawcett, and Ed McMahon. And now there are conflicting reports as to whether or not Jeff Goldblum has fallen to his demise in New Zealand, and I HOPE TO GOD that that one is just a false rumor.

addendum: Thank you, Janet - It's a HOAX - assholes - why do they spread crap like that? -

Anyway - I'm in a hearts and flowers kinda mood end of this week, for some reason. I'm not drunk, so I won't be disrobing, and not everyone will become my friend, but I am definitely going through some sort of warm and runny affliction that maybe will end soon, so I'll be back to my old acerbic self.

Till then...loves you...

~ Sunny Lyn



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