Sunday, June 07, 2009

Springtime Thoughts

Home from Stud-sitting and wanted to share a blog post for those who haven’t seen it. An editor friend has a blog post that just wrecked me this past week. If you get a chance, pop over and read about mantasy.

Love my long nails, but while I was Stud Muffin sitting, I decided it was a great time to WRITE (shocking thought), so I did the big manicure. Amazing how much easier it is to type on a laptop without a solid inch of nail hanging off the end of your fingertips.

I think I had a better time “on vacation” than did my friend. She traipsed all over Chicago, aching legs, demanding kids, having to fork out money everywhere she went, while I sat on her patio deck with Studley, working on a manuscript that begged to be written (and having a marvelous time doing it). I kept the phone lines busy chatting with Heather Rae, who was an invaluable crit partner—she’s so much fun anyway, and her critiques were spot ON. I look forward to digging in to this one more.

The Kids and I are house-hunting this afternoon. We’ve already done the actual hunting, but there’s an open house at this particular one we love. When we get done, we get a free meal. I don’t remember ever phoning to complain about an order until last night, but that had to be the worst meal ever. I got home, nobody wanted to cook (including me), so we went to Sonic. Instead of getting cheeseburgers with mustard minus the lettuce and onions, we got BARBECUE SAUCE on them with tons of lettuce and onions. Instead of Cheddar Peppers, we got Cheddar Bites. Instead of…well, you get the idea. So I phoned. We get to pick up the order we requested, gratis, if we’re there before 5 pm, so that’s where we’re going once we’re done looking at houses.

My own dogs were thrilled to see me when I got home. The wolf-dog is losing his winter coat in patches – his butt is shedding…everywhere. Poor dog can’t walk without a tuft of butt fuzz flying out. Seems Mother Nature has deemed it’s springtime, after all. Good. Now if we can just keep the tornadoes at bay.

Tomorrow it’s coffee, fraps, or something much stiffer with Gretchen and Erin. Haven’t seen them for a couple of weeks, so it’ll be nice chatting it up with other writers and seeing what’s new in their lives. I know Gretchen has been gardening. The woman is a fantastic cook…even CANS, for godssake…and she writes and grows awesome flowers. Erin is a rock doc, a geologist, and another terrific writer. She also makes a kewl little appetizer. Hollows out cherry tomatoes, mixes the pulp with mayo and crumbled bacon, then stuffs the mixture back into the tomato shells – tastes just like a mini BLT. Amazing.

Erin’s my foot-in-mouth buddy. A few days ago she dropped the F-bomb into an email intended for her critique group…and sent it to our local RWA chapter by mistake – LOL. This past week, I did the same thing, only with the word ‘hell’, as in HOW THE HELL IS EVERYBODY in the subject line. Sheesh. Erin and I are gonna have to buy mint-flavored flip-flops for the summer.

Gretchen is my go-anywhere pal. I love hanging out with Gretchen. We have all these adventures, try different restaurants, visit museums and seed stores, go to art museums. And the heifer cooks. If she were a man, I’d be all over her.

I MISS MISS MERRY – meant to write her last week and say HEY, didn’t get around to it.

Oh, and before I leave, #1 Son sent me
this link – down at bottom, click on “high” beneath the first pic. This is the future of gaming and Lord knows what else. FANTASTIC how far technology has come.

Have a great week, everyone. More later…
~ Sunny Lyn



At 5:27 PM, Blogger Gretchen said...

Where am I supposed to be? when?

At 8:04 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

I'm late, of course, but we've spoken since you posted, so I suppose we're somewhat on the same page now - lol.

Mahoney's really would be a great spot. Love their atmosphere, and the nachos and beer aren't bad at all.

At 10:45 PM, Anonymous Erin said...

As your 'foot in mouth buddy', glad I finally found this, lol. And if you ever do find those flip me two pair. That way I can leave a pair in my car for the next time I leave the house and forget my "F-bomb" shoes!

At 2:21 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

hehehe - I'll stock up for both of us, Erin.


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