Monday, May 25, 2009

the book shelves

Just finished...a nonfiction called French Women Don't Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano - thought it was delightful, insightful, witty, and fun - and I'd love to hate the heifer for being a skinny French woman, but...can't. She includes recipes.

SPEAKING OF RECIPES...learned a neat little trick from Carol Lynne over the weekend. One of those inexpensive packages of Ramen Noodles (chicken flavored) and a couple handfuls of broccoli stems - boil water, toss in the noodles and veggie together (Carol says cauliflower works well, too). Pasta and broccoli are done at the same time. Drain, salt and pepper to taste, and the dish makes an attractive presentation on a plate. You can add chicken or whatever else you like, but it's a tasty and quick dish.

Okay, back to the drawing board. What I am reading now: I have two I'm waffling between digging into. Friend Carla Cassidy has one that looks good called Broken Pieces. And there's one by Madeleine Wickham called Cocktails for Three that appeals.

Have food on the brain. Gretchen and I had lunch Saturday at Fred P. Otts, and I fell in love with their burgers. Here’s a peek at their menu (it scrolls, so just click the arrow on the right to see what’s what).

Till next time, hope everyone has a pleasant start to their week.
Sunny Lyn



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