Monday, August 23, 2010

Am I On Candid Camera?

Does anyone even remember Candid Camera? - Or am I becoming ancient?

This has been the weirdest month. As you can tell, it's been a while since I've blogged. Went to the lake with friends - had a blast. Critiquing, cooking, conversation - the works. It was relaxing but also energizing for me. Hope the others feel the same.

Then I pup sat for Carol - always enjoy my times with the Dudmeister. She rescued me yesterday, as a matter of fact. I was in a really whiney mood, so she showed up and whisked me away to Casa Carol's for the day. Fed me the most delicious pot roast dinner imaginable. weird thing after another. I submitted a partial to a contest last Friday. Late. Heard back first thing this morning with a form rejection email, which is okay - made me wonder if anyone had actually read the sucker, but...oh, well. Then I get a "high" when I find out that Knights & White Satin goes to print with Ellora's Cave next week. Nice high. Okay, a VERY nice high. The book has been out for 2 years and has done pretty well in ebook, if I do say so. Made some heterosexuals laugh and cry, so I figure I must've done a good job with it.

Then I get a contract via email that has been lost in cyberspace for a couple of months. Another high. Can't open the damned thing. Bummer! So now I am waiting to see what it is I'm agreeing to (nice to know since I'm already in the line edits on the book). *wry grin*

I need to develop a website and put the blog on that. Am a real techno dummy who happens to be broke at the moment; otherwise, I'd tackle it myself or hire someone to do it up right for me. Not that I'd VISIT it any more often than I visit here, but it'd still be nice to have.

The Kids surprised me yesterday - they made a big day trip, drove through some pretty country, shopped at a few outlet malls and came home with a nice Coach purse for me. I've promised to downsize the bag I carry, and I've done pretty well for a few months. So #1 Son bought me a new purse that is gorgeous.

I also aped friend Heather Rae and picked up a blazer for myself like hers - a boyfriend jacket. Was marked down for some reason, probably because of my size - I have shoulders like a football player.

Speaking of ball - I found myself sitting in bed the other night, all alone in the house, flipping channels back and forth, watching a Chiefs game and a Royals game (love Kansas - what can I say?)...and before long I heard myself yell "run, you sonofabitch". Dogs looked at me like I was nuts. Probably was. And I I turning into one of those old sports fans who will probably wear their baseball caps to bed and dream of stats or Darryl Strawberry, Pete Rose, or whoever? Never thought I'd see the day when I was alone in the house, could watch any cable channel (and I'm nuts about movies), and spend my time screaming obscenities at a television set, encouraging someone whom I'll never meet, to pick up his feet and boogie. *shaking head* I'm channeling Maxine, the cartoon character. Have this picture of myself in a bathrobe, munching popcorn with a bug-eyed dog sitting next to me, making pithy comments about life and sports. Say it isn't so...ack.

Have a great week, everyone.

~ Sunny Lyn



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