Monday, January 03, 2011

The girl ain't right...

While I force myself not to make New Year's resolutions, I invariably gravitate toward them, and not in a good way. I berate myself for not having done this or that the previous year (or decade), I loathe the blank page when dozens of "should have done" or "should do now" messages float through my brain. I curse the first cigarette or a day that passes without my having walked a considerable way toward improving my health.

Not this year. A friend of the family visited - one who loves being a domestic goddess - and every time she wanted to make pancakes or pick up something, I bigod let her. So she doesn't put the toilet seat down. Her pancakes are divine, and I love her company.

Did I smoke? Bite your tongue. Did I walk? Heavens,'s too friggin' cold. But did I enjoy myself? Absolutely. I read good books (Thank you, Carol Lynne and Sarah Ban Breathnach), ate well (Thank you, Jen), did some stretches, bought a Pilates CD, shopped till I dropped, and made a To Do list rather than a God-You-Suck-So-You'd-Better-Do-These-NOW list.

What's on my To Do list? Bake gingerbread. Every article online, every word of mouth newsfeed, and every intuitive bone in my body tells me to pick up Home Cooking and More Home Cooking, written by a novelist who happened to write two cookbooks before she passed away. Laurie Colwin. Her gingerbread recipe has made it into several books by other authors, so even if I'm the only one who'll eat it, I'm making it. I'm also thawing chicken to make either her roast chicken recipe or the baked one. Then as soon as I can get to the grocery store for supplies, I'm trying her baked spinich casserole.

I'm also pampering myself. The facial scrubs and potions, foot massages, hot tea or cocoa in bed before I retire, and warm, fuzzy clothing that caresses my skin.

This one isn't new, but I'm enjoying it, nonetheless. I call my father almost every morning. Sometimes he gets an evening call, but usually I start the day with talking with the old guy. He's a hoot, a lot of fun, with a dry wit and some interesting stories. He's one of those people who doesn't say much most of the time, but peeling back the layers of memories he has just thrills me. Now and then he'll offer up a story that fires my imagination and makes me want to write.

On my To Do for today was to blog. I totally suck at this. Rarely do I tell myself "hey, I think I'll spill my guts for cyberspace". Now I'm of a mind that if it gets my fingers busy typing, and if Pop fires my imagination, and if friends keep me supplied with books and coffee, I'm bound to write more in 2011 than I did in 2010.

So thanks for reading, whoever you are. And if anything I say motivates you to write - or even think - then good.

Have a spectacular day...
Sunny Bob



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