Saturday, March 26, 2011

I need to take a class on Tweeting.

But if I can't make it to my BLOG, I'm wondering...why bother? Ya know? How do those of you who Tweet, and update Facebook and My Space DO this? I get so bogged down with the should haves in a writer's life that every now and then I have a grade A, homogenized meltdown if the media aspect detracts me from my writing.

That said, TPTB at Harlequin are right. My romantic suspense that debuted Monday was #5 that day for sales. I have no way of knowing for sure whether the Tweets they did and the Facebook promo is the cause or if it's simply that several people were waiting or surprised that I'd gotten off my butt and had a book out. But...I'll give H's marketing strategies the kudos.

I took a leave of absence from my life a while back. Was rather interesting. I came to the conclusion that i was doing too much of what didn't feed my soul. The results? I made a commitment (yes, another one) to quit smoking. Oh, bite me. I can do this. I also refrained from critiquing anyone else for several weeks until I had a come to Jesus meeting with my muse, who kicked my whiny ass.
* * *
Therefore, I've also been writing my buns off. Short stories, 1st chapter of a new women's fiction, a male/male romance or two. Should have news in a bit on a couple of submissions. One debuts next week. Ack. Another launch day.
* * *
I'm amazed at my friends who put up with my obnoxiously harsh critiques of their own work. I do not derive pleasure from those. I simply want them to put forth their best effort when they submit, but i take things too far. I try keeping that thought in mind whenever they blast away at my work. Color me shocked that they still want me back after my self-imposed exile.
* * *

I'm equally astonished if they like something and publicly say so. Lol. Gretchen Jones did a review of Memories Of You and posted this to Amazon. My humble thanks to her.

I'm looking forward to spring weather, not just the calendar telling me that the snow we're to get tomorrow is ACTUALLY DURING SPRING. Maybe I just need to adjust my attitude a little further before gearing up for BBQ weather, sandals, and sunny dispositions. Maybe the weather has nothing to do with my snarky 'tude.

Then again...maybe it does.

Hope your week has gone well.

Sunny Bob The Industrious



At 7:50 AM, Blogger DeAnn said...

Congrats on the release and being #5. I love your style and I love your critiques. Now for the smoking bit--WTG!

At 11:26 PM, Blogger Jackie Bannon said...

Your critiques are always welcome woman, but I understand the frustration. I'm looking at my calendar and wondering "Am I ever going to have time for myself?" So, I really like your additude. Maybe it will rub off???

Oh, and on the tweeting thing, get an app for your phone. Makes it a lot easier. I've tweeted more since I've gotten the app than I did in the last year!


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