Monday, April 03, 2006

Lyn Cash, Bobbie Cole, Heather Rae Scott, & Alexis Fleming

It's no longer March, so here's the cover again - I can't help myself.

If you're not receiving Lady Jaided, the Ellora’s Cave Newsletter, you're missing a treat. This is the second edition, from what I understand, and it's chock full of interesting information, such as an article on why/how there are specific pet names for genatlia, such as men's being more weapon-oriented while women's are food-oriented. I laughed so hard through the first reading that I feared I'd missed something so went back and read it again.

There's a compendium of sexual arcana, an article on culinary delights, and a write-up on their fetish of the month. Even if you don't read or write erotic romance, this colorful newsletter is entertaining. There are even articles and tips on writing .

Here's the interview they did on moi:

What you notice right away about Lyn Cash from her books and her blog is her tremendous lust for life and all the pleasures that come with it. Her first book for EC, Just Desserts, combines her passion for writing, for food, for laughter, and for, well, passion. She characterizes it as, "a comedic erotic romance about a cookbook author who can't cook, and his new editor who unwittingly commits him to a public cooking contest." The author, a sexy Cajun/Cherokee named Jackson, "has to master Cherries Jubilee and Beef Flambé with his nemesis nearby and his editor, who drives him wild with desire, right there beside him."

In addition to a damn entertaining story with plenty of sexual tension and a strong sense of place, the book offers an extra gift: Each chapter opens with a recipe that's part of the plot, from a dirty martini to an oatmeal mask. We can't wait to try Belle's Breakfast Casserole.

There was more, but that's pretty much a breakdown of the premise and a tease for the recipes. One thing that has pleased me no end is that EC has already done the legwork for me as far as sending the manuscript out for in several of them. And I couldn't be happier with the promotion and advertising they've given me.

If you’ve considered writing for Ellora’s Cave and want further information, here are the guidelines from an article done last year (I think – it may be newer than that).

Saturday, May 6th, Samhain authors are holding an all-day (as in way into the evening) chat with readers, and you're welcome to join me. My time for chatting and posting excerpts is slotted for 10-11 am EST unless things change. I'll keep you posted. I'll have 2 mainstream novels under Bobbie Cole plus an erotic novella under Lyn Cash to promote, although the only book of mine coming out in May with Samhain is Leaving Mama. And here is the cover for that one to the right.
ADDENDUM: Scott Carpenter was the artist for Leaving Mama, The Last Thing I Expected, and A Handyman's Best Tool.

My friend Heather Rae Scott has her first book debuting with Samhain the same month, the week before my book. I've read this one, and it is CUTE and FUNNY and a nice read. The following two books in her series are equally enjoyable.

Heather and I are part of the same online critique group, The Belfry Collective.

And before I wrap this up, I have to brag on my friend Alexis Fleming, whose last book with Samhain earned her a 5-star (out of 5) review with Romance Junkies. Alex writes hysterically funny erotic romance with her natural Aussie flair.

Alexis is another Belfry Bat - what can I say? BAT POWER!!! - lol

If any of you are interested in writing for Samhain, here is their home website and here are their submisson guidelines. They have been FABULOUS to work with, by the way. Very author friendly.
For those who want a great explanation and some terrific photos of leucistic animals, see Doug Hoffman’s blog. Read his blog about how to piss off your doctor while you're over there - ha ha ha.

Oh - one more thing, from my friend Janet. WOW OH WOW - this is kewl IMO. This Wednesday at 2 minutes and 3 seconds after 1 the time and date will be: (are you ready?)

01:02:03 04/ 05/ 06

Have a great week, all.



At 9:40 AM, Blogger Sam said...

Samhain looks like it has some terrific books - I bought one and loved it so far.

At 5:51 PM, Blogger Shesawriter said...

Those covers are fabulous. I'm going to have check Samhain out.

At 5:51 PM, Blogger Shesawriter said...

That is: "I'm going to have to check Samhain out." I type faster than I can think. LOL!

At 9:08 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

tee-hee, Tanya. Hey, Sam. If either of you are interested in Samhain as a publisher for your own work, they publish everything - contemporary romance, erotic romance, historical, mainstream, mystery, chick lit - and so far they have been truly fabulous to me.

At 9:10 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

By the way - Scott Carpenter is the chief artist. He was the ONLY one, but they've grown so fast that he has at least one assistant/junior artist. He did my first two covers for Loose Id plus my mainstream cover for Samhain that's debuting end of May. Fabulous artist.

At 6:52 AM, Blogger Rae said...

I forgot to tell you how awesome it feels to have MY book cover sandwhiched in between yours and Alex. What a high.

I think I need the bucket tho. *gg*

Thanks, Lynn. =)


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