Monday, April 23, 2007

Have I Mentioned…?

How much I really don’t like flying? But there is a certain commercialized charm about stopping at a Starbucks I wouldn’t ordinarily visit. Which reminds me…

My guys in DC collect the Starbucks Skyline mugs, those big 20 ounce ones that are cream-colored with blue etchings of skyline, and you can only get say the Detroit mug IN Detroit, Pittsburg IN a Pittsburg Starbucks. They asked me for one as a housewarming gift when I visit them in June.

…moments later…screw THAT! Just priced the mugs online, and the one for my area doesn’t even exist, and I’m not spending the price of a plane ticket to get one if it did.

Have I mentioned what a pain in the ass it is to be in a wheelchair in an airport? I have hydrocephalus, you see, which renders me a tad wobbly, unbalanced, and generally more dysfunctional than usual for a bit after landing.

In Denver a couple of years ago, the airport aid pushing me from one plane to the faster-than-a-speeding-bullet transit which would take me to another…well, she did not speak English and was pushing me in the wrong direction from what I could tell. When I requested she get help, she stopped another man from her country (not the USA), and the two of them got into a rather loud argument over my head in their native tongue, with me sitting below trying to bust a move and get to my friggin’ plane. Finally, I showed my arse and hollered in a LOUD voice: Does ANYBODY here speak ENGLISH? I’m missing my plane!

I’m sure that the Denver airport has a photo of me up somewhere as a cautionary device.

Anyway, if I can get them to Rae, I’ll take some photos of the various airports I’ll drift through on this trip, just for you sickos who like Starbucks or airports or something. Will send shots of the hotel and my dear friend Lex to Rae then try to send Kate photos of the bar where the RT Virgins’ party will be held.

Sunny, a virgin?

And that’s another story.



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