Saturday, March 24, 2007

So how has your weekend gone?

It's only Saturday evening here, and so far...I've discovered bulbs growing on the new place that I didn't recognize at first.

Then there are these guys. Very cheery. They like the rain we've been having.

#1 Son bought a vehicle. D-I-L-2-B and I took a walk Friday, saw this car, told him we want it, need it, that it's a good investment that would protect his baby (should they get preggers), his wife, and his mother. Saturday he bought it.

He'd no sooner pulled into the yard than we had a visitor. For a while, it looked as though the hyper little fellow might become a permanent fixture, because we scoured the neighborhood and couldn't find his owners. Then I hear a couple of teenage girls calling RILEY! RILEY!
So Riley ate a couple of Pita's treats, drank some water, pissed on the daffodils, then trotted out of our lives.
Quite a day.

I’ve been writing on my story for Ellora’s Cave’s Torrid Tarot line and found this tarot deck that looked interesting. I think what drew me to it was that one of Da Vinci’s patrons commissioned several tarot paintings that are still in existence.

I started to cancel my interest in the line, but…somehow…it just fit, so we shall see what happens.

JUST DESSERTS IS IN PRINT NOW!!!!! WHOO-HOO!!!!!!! Feels like it’s been forever since this book debuted in e-book form. I’ve been looking forward to this all year. What this means is that I’ll be signing the book at the upcoming Romantic Times convention in Houston, end of April. I was worried for a bit that the book wouldn’t be out in time.

Bring your hankies and weep at the awesome power and beauty of birth. Dee had her twins, and the video is on her blog HERE under “Hubby’s Art Project”.
Now I’m gonna go have a high-cholesterol meal from Sonic, watch movies with The Kids, and pretend I have a life outside of writing.

Have a nice rest-of-the-weekend, everyone.



At 11:58 AM, Blogger Mechele Armstrong said...

We had a dog come to visit last year. He even went home and got a bone to hang out on my porch. LOL

Congrats on the release in print!! how awesome.


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