Wednesday, March 21, 2007

About La Bella Luna

I've had some terrific reviews on this book and wanted to thank those who took the time to read and review it. I got 5 harps from RoRR:

"The characters are all very well developed and the transformation in them all is amazing...All I can really say is awesome." ~ dragonflytailz with Rites of Romance Reviews

"Keeping this murder a secret is only part of Bobbie Cole’s thought-provoking novel. The three forty-something women are forced to forge remarkable bonds and discover their own strengths. There is sadness, silliness, laughter and revelation. We should all be lucky enough to gain the support and insight these Oklahoma socialites give each other. I loved the mature perspective and truly believable characters. - I highly recommend this one, especially for women past their twenties. And I am going to seek out the author’s many other titles. She is a talented storyteller." ~ Lynn Bushey with The Romance Studio - 5 hearts out of 5

Ecata Romance also reviewed La Bella Luna, but for some reason their site won't pull for me tonight. BUT...THANK YOU to all 3 reviewers for making my day with your reveiws. Thank you for taking the time and effort - it was a LONG book.

While I'm at it, THANK YOU, ANGIE - I have the most marvelous editor imaginable for my mainstream fiction. Angela James with Samhain is extraordinary.

For those who haven't heard me chat about the book, I'm posting the cover, done by the incomparable Scott Carpenter as well as the link to view more about the book.

Thanks to a marvelous critique group, this pup can hunt, as we say here. Love all of you!



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Congrats on the great reviews!


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