Friday, March 09, 2007

Dear Lord

I just posted a blog that took me 2 hours to complete, what with all the interuptions - and I posted it on the WRONG damn blog! - lol. I am one of a group of Ellora's Cave authors on Lust for Life, and unless I corrected that sucker, I'll have all of them hating me by tomorrow. It's difficult to piss off that many people within seconds, but if anyone could do so, it'd be moi.

I took some R&R after the class I was teaching ended...and gotta tell you that I was sorry to say goodbye for a while. We're all meeting up in 6 months for a Brag & Boast day, however, so I'll get to see who has sold what.

Thanks to Janet, I have the plane photo to offer you. When I saw this, I thought yep--been there, done you. Some days ya can't fly straight no matter what you do.

What? You want talk of writing? Thought you'd never ask.

Let’s talk about Smooth Ride by Cash Cole (my naughty male alter ego).


And I’m so freakin’ slow – it’s been AGES since I’ve had time to blog – that I had no idea Karen Scott had asked about me until tonight! She’s only like one of “the” reviewers I pay attention to – lol. Of course, she’s had one of my mainstream books for several months and hasn’t reviewed it yet (which is just as well, La Bella Luna is what she should be reading instead of Just Desserts)…ANYWAY…yes, I’m alive and well. Have just been busy and had one helluva 2006.

I’m completing my second m/m book for Ellora’s Cave – no debut date because I haven’t actually turned in the completed manuscript. That kinda helps, I hear.

Hmm…oh, yes! LA BELLA LUNA!!! This book is garnering quite good reviews. My humble thanks to ALL who have reviewed this book. Too bad the darn thing probably won’t make it into bookstores. Don’t take my word for it – read the reviews. *grin* dragonflytailz listed La Bella Luna as her Reviewer’s Pick! Here’s the review at Rites of Romance Reviews.

ECataromance kinda liked it, too. *BIG GRIN*

And I'll end with humor from Mary Ellen and with photos of my two furry children...Pita & Chewy.

Kids writing about the sea:

1) This is a picture of an octopus. It has eight testicles. (Kelly age 6)

2) Oysters' balls are called pearls. (James age 6)

3) If you are surrounded by sea you are an Island. If you don't have sea all round you, you are in continent. (Wayne age 7)

4) Sharks are ugly and mean, and have big teeth, just like Emily Richardson. She's not my friend no more. (Kylie age 6)

5) A dolphin breaths through an asshole on the top of its head. ( Billy age 8)

6) My uncle goes out in his boat with pots, and comes back with crabs. (Millie age 6)

7) When ships had sails, they used to use the trade winds to cross the ocean. Sometimes, when the wind didn't blow, the sailors would whistle to make the wind come. My brother said they would be better off eating beans. (William age 7)

8) I like mermaids. They are beautiful, and I like their shiny tails. How do mermaids get pregnant? (Helen age 6)

9) I'm not going to write about the sea. My baby brother is always screaming and being sick, my Dad keeps shouting at my Mom, and my big sister has just got pregnant, so I can't think what to write. (Amy age 6)

10) Some fish are dangerous. Jellyfish can sting. Electric eels can give you a shock. They have to live in caves under the sea where I think they have to plug themselves into chargers. (Christopher age 7)

11) When you go swimming in the sea, it is very cold, and it makes my willy small. (Kevin age 6)

12) Divers have to be safe when they go under the water. Two divers can't go down alone, so they have to go down on each other. (Becky age 8)

13) On holiday my Mom went water skiing. She fell off when she was going very fast. She says she won't do it again because water shot up her fanny. (Julie age 7)

This is my little Pita Pie. She started her life with me as a Pita - therefore, the name. Now she's Protected In Total Adoration, and she'll never have to scrounge the streets for food again.

This handsome fellow is Chewy, another rescued animal, and the biggest sweetheart ever. He's the dog who was hit by a van before Christmas a few years ago. The vet wanted me to put him down - he wasn't even feeling deep pain, couldn't lift his head...totally paralyzed. There was something in his eyes, though...

So we got another vet.

Chewy has titanium rods in his spine and one hip, has one fairly useless leg (but it makes a good kick starter when he's running on the other 3). Other than that, he's in top shape if you don't count the poundage. Spring's upon us, though, and we've started walking both dogs again.

Just thought I'd introduce you to the two of them.

Have a great weekend, folks. Thanks for stopping by, if only to lurk.



At 9:27 AM, Blogger Merry said...

There's Pita and Chewy! (sniff, sniff, WAH!)

I miss my puppies!

Merry in Saudi Arabia

At 10:29 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

puppies, friends, & fellow needy writers miss you as well...

been shopping catalogues & magazines and thinking of you - lol...Crate & Barrel, Napa Valley...wanna visit Old World Imports again *sigh*


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