Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Contest for the Confessors

The class I've been teaching the past couple of weeks is having a contest today, and the winners get their choice of the following stories, so bear with me today while I post the covers for them today. I'll be back with a regular blog in a day or so. THANKS!

“Leaving Mama” by Bobbie Cole
Buy from MBaM!Read An Excerpt OnlineGenre:
ISBN: 1-59998-032-0 Length: NovelPrice: $5.50Date: May 30th, 2006Cover art by Scott Carpenter

Sometimes the only way to find your way home is to leave.

Smoking weed while perched on top of her grandmother’s coffin in the middle of a downpour was not how Jillian had seen the trip from Oklahoma to Minnesota as happening. With flights canceled and the airline employees striking, she had no choice but to improvise and use her rock band’s hearse. And when Gran exits the hearse after the tires skid on a rain slick highway and the back door flies open, Jillian decides to make the best of the moment.

Things only get worse when they arrive in Minnesota and her oldest sister, Shari, has a stroke at the memorial service. Toss in the fact that their grandmother had led two lives—there was a whole other family they’d known nothing about waiting for them in Minnesota—and life suddenly becomes more complicated.

This one was a prize for the long contemporary confessions' contest.

“La Bella Luna” by Bobbie Cole
Buy from MBaM!Read An Excerpt OnlineGenre:
ISBN: 1-59998-085-1Length: Plus NovelPrice: $6.50Publication Date: January 23rd, 2007Cover art by Scott Carpenter
Mudpacks, murder, deceit, betrayal and tattoos—how much can a friendship sustain without cracking?

Try telling your best friends that your husband is leaving you for another man, or that you’ve slept with one of their husbands and have borne his child. Better yet, let them know you’ve just committed murder or that you’re dying.

Ann, Eazy, Merry and Leta Lou—all four of the Oklahoma City socialites, having spent years merely scratching the surface of their friendship, are thrust into an emotional tornado and left with the devastating ruins of aftermath as the secrets they’ve kept surface. Ann wants to help them rediscover their dreams, but before she can do that, she must first destroy their illusions.

Money can’t buy happiness, forgiveness, or peace, but it can sure make life…and death…a lot more interesting.

Warning, this title contains the following: graphic language and violence.

Smooth RideCash Cole

Smooth Ride By Cash ColeHorse trainer Leo Castle has long had his eye on two prizes—Smooth Ride, the most perfect thoroughbred he's ever trained to race, and Dane Robinson, the blue-eyed jockey who rides him. But after horse and jockey took a nasty fall, Dane disappeared into the shadows with injuries to his leg and his pride. Now that he's back, Leo's determined not to let him get away twice.Dane enjoys his passionate reunion with Leo, but he's about as ready to trust as he is to ride again. With no place to go as winter rolls into eastern Oklahoma, Dane must ultimately accept the warmth Leo offers him. As the holidays approach, Leo proves to be a gift that keeps on giving.Read an excerpt

Just DessertsLyn Cash

Just Desserts By Lyn CashMarilyn can't help but fantasize about best-selling cookbook author Jackson Delacroix. So far, she's only seen his book jacket photos and heard his sexy Creole accent over the phone—after all, she is his editor—but she'll get to meet him in person soon enough.Jack is furious when he finds out that his editor has signed him up for a cooking contest. He's also frantic. The contest is in three days, and the famous cookbook author can't cook—doesn't know a burger from beef flambé. He's mad enough to tell Marilyn to take the contest and shove it, but one look at her and he's got better ideas. If she's going to put him on the spot like this, Jack thinks she needs to sweat a little bit. Of course, he has his own ways of making her sweat…Things heat up in the kitchen, against the wall, on the floor and over the stove. After all, just desserts can be sweet…and spicy.
Read an excerpt Sexual Content: Rated S-ensuous Genre : Contemporary Book Length: .Novel.
“Red Hot Lover” by Lyn Cash

Buy from MBaM!Read An Excerpt OnlineGenre: ,
ISBN: 1-59998-096-7 Length: NovellaPrice: $3.50Publication Date: September 12th, 2006Cover art by Scott Carpenter

Two firefighters battle the hottest flames they’ve encountered—their attraction to one another.
After a fire sweeps through the school where she teaches and she’s unable to save the life of her best friend, Faith Sloan leaves the chalkboard jungle for a career as a firefighter, only to find that one of her former students may be the arsonist responsible for the current devastation in her area of the city.

Without losing her trust, Captain Chance James must ensure that his rookie firefighter doesn’t get caught between the truth and a killer. He’s willing to bend the rules to protect Faith from harm, but there’s nothing he can do to shield his own heart once they become lovers. Faith takes him into her bed, her parents take him into their home as he recuperates from a freak accident, and soon the rough-and-ready firefighter must decide what he wants most…his woman or his career.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex and graphic language.



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