Sunday, May 27, 2007

Obscure Books & Archaic Thinking

Le Meme

Kate tagged me for a meme several days ago, and I’m just now getting around to this, but it’s fun. REALLY – Life just got in the way of my posting earlier.

#1 on my list = Elswyth Thane’s Williamsburg series
#2 = Shelby Foote’s Civil War series
#3 = Her real name is Jane Haddam – and the books – OMG – ROFL


Patience McKenna (writing as Orania Papazoglou)
1. Sweet, Savage Death (1984)
2. Wicked, Loving Murder (1985)
3. Death's Savage Passion (1986)
4. Rich, Radiant Slaughter (1988)
5. Once and Always Murder (1990)

First book, Sweet, Savage Death, opens with our hapless heroine inheriting a new life thanks to a Barbara Cartland type character who passes away. Now I admire The Dame, but I couldn’t help but laugh while reading these books about romance authors getting murdered.

Speaking of which…

RWA’s Latest Attempt At Suicide

Essentially, there’s a proposal on the table that if an author doesn’t sell at least 2000 copies of a book, they (the author) revert back to PRO status as opposed to PAN status. Before this proposal, PRO stood for ‘almost there’ writers who hadn’t yet sold to a publisher listed with RWA recognition. PAN represented the Published Authors Network. Many see this as an attempt at (1) making certain that authors with small publishing houses (i.e. a boatload of erotic romance authors) never make the cut and (2) the attempts of a few to exert their holier-than-thou status over publishers and authors who they feel aren’t up to snuff. My take? I’ve belonged, stood up for them, enjoyed the conferences, and made many friends, but enough is e-f’ing NUFF. The Romantic Times conferences are more fun, offer more in the way of contacts, and don’t presume to elevate one publisher or author over another. The houses with the money and the moxie certainly have a better shot at snagging attendees, but so what? At least RT doesn’t try to segregate everyone. So until this juvenile one-ups-man-ship within RWA halts, I’m outta there.

Every RWA board has its dumbasses, every edition of the Romance Writers’ Report its Wild Card. Since 2005, though, it’s like the organization has a smorgasbord of stupidity, and I’d just rather choose something more palatable than strife and upheaval within my writing community.


Part of my real life moments taking me away from blogging deal with mold in the bathroom. There’s no vent, for one thing, and it’s black mold. Hence…repairmen. I’ve seen everything from fuzzy black mold to white butt crack a time or two. I’ve done without a shower until I could stand it no longer. And I’ve still managed to write.


NOT CONTRACTED. All I can say is that it’s a New York publisher, that we’re still in the wheelin’ and dealin’ stage, and that it’s lookin’ good. Will keep you informed.

CONTRACTED. Just sold Knights & White Satin to Ellora’s Cave for part of their Torrid Tarot series. Knights is a m/m romance written under my Cash Cole moniker.

My Yahoo Messenger is messing up, so I’m not able to IM for a while. Need to get #1 Son to reload it for me, because he’s able to keep all the freakin’ icons from multiplying on my toolbar.

I’m in a good mood, relative good health, and I’m not mad at anyone – I just can’t IM, don’t want to put up with RWA’s (or anyone else’s) bullshit these days, and I’m enjoying Life. Hope you can say the same. More in a few days…the DC trip isn’t for another week or so. *g*



At 7:42 PM, Anonymous Kelly said...

ROFL I love it when you rant Aunty Sun. you rock!!!

As for the PAN proposal, those of us in other countries are at a major disadvantage. We don't get our RWR as soon as everyone else. In fact after the major hooha's happening in all the blogs over the net I am verry intrested in reading this article.

As a new author, one published in a new RWA recognised house I was happily looking forward to becoming PAN. Things are tough in my house in the moment as you know Sunny. Writing time is hard to find and it can be hard to motivate myself to write when your worried about a loved one. Im not complaining I love my life and have it easier than some. But when I hear about this proposal I worry. How much policing and politicking is enough?

RWA I love, I love the conferences and RT is also on my cards too. But Saving international plane ticket money is tough. So with this proposal I have to wonder if Im really wanted over there?

I will apply for PAN as I am an eternal optimist...(sometimes ;) I hope this will be resolveed soon. But as a new author with one book out with an epub will I earn $2000 in 2 years?

Not unless there is an act of congress and a sudden miracle!!!

So thanks for letting me rave as well lol.

Kiss Kiss

At 9:57 AM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

Dear Aussie Niece...

I am delighted to tickle you now and then. I need your optimistic, giggly voice in my head and your joy in my life. Here's hoping that nothing comes of all their posturing.

You come rant here any time you wish. - lol

At 9:00 PM, Anonymous Kelly Ethan said...

LOL I will gratefully rant when ever I can, just for you!!

PS what about those measurements? I have loot for you and Jess!!


At 9:52 AM, Blogger Mechele Armstrong said...

Love the rant. I'm shaking my head.

Congrats on the new contract and super congrats on the wheeling and dealing. Hope that goes well.

Mechele Armstrong aka Lany of Melany Logen


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