Saturday, June 30, 2007

Snacks, the Sparrow


Chewy, the big dog, is a sweetheart, kind, etc, but he has this habit of trying to catch whatever flies past him - June bug, common house fly, doesn't matter. He caught a baby sparrow yesterday - mid-air, mind you. I scolded him to leave it alone, but of course for a few seconds the poor dog is standing in the yard with a fried look on his face like he's been caught smoking dope. Eyes as big as saucers, live bird in his mouth, face stuffed and feathers poking between his teeth and lips.

I get dogs inside, go back to the bird, and it's just a baby. Looks like Popeye with one eye closed, one open, and a stunned WTF on his little face. I picked him up using a plastic Wal-Mart bag so he could feel the warmth but I wouldn't be touching him. Dubbed him Snacks, since he was almsot a Chewy Snack.

Anyway, bird is covered by a dish towel, in a shoe box, on the bistro table. It's raining like mad, but he's dry beneath the gazebo. #1 Son figured bopping him/killing him would be kinder, but he didn't do this. I said well we can't leave him on the ground for a squirrel or cat or our dogs to find. Can't put him on a roof in case he falls off or gets eaten by a cat.

Gazebo is catching quite a bit of water - I moved Snacks, so he wouldn't be living beneath a waterfall.

So we're seeing if Snacks snaps out of it enough to leave the shoebox on his own. I think he has a broken wing. The Kid thinks he's just still stunned (yesterday, granted, he was traumatized and in shock).

Snacks has a dead bug, some bread, and a small saucer of water - I'm clueless what else to do until we can buy bird feed, but that of course implies that we're keeping him, that he's a pet, or whatever, and...who knows what will happen after today?

So how is your weekend going thus far????

Alas, Snacks decided to go to that great Nabisco in the sky. If a bird can die from being pissed off and in shock, I think that's what did it to him.



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