Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What's Cooking Right Now

I've been asked to speak to the local Daughters of the American Revolution regarding this book - am waiting until it comes out in print, which 'should' be around mid-September.

La Bella Luna is dear to my heart - it was a growing up book, one that involved my taking chances I'd yet to take with my writing. I'm not sure just what I'll say to these women, but a neighbor of mine who'd read Leaving Mama talked to her local DAR chapter about me, and they decided for whatever reasons that they'd like me to speak.

Maybe speaking to the DAR will give ole Bella some exposure. *g*

Reviews for Just Desserts keep comin' in:

I loved the secondary characters in this book - they made the story and main characters shine. I do not think I have read a story quite like this before - every dimension of this book is nicely done and flows quite well with one another. ~ Marina with Cupid's Library Reviews

What a hoot! I started laughing during the first chapter and did not stop until I finished the book.

~ Sexual encounters between the two are graphic, erotic and loving. I had to stop occasionally and reread. It was great to read a story where sex included love, but was still erotic. ~ Ms. Cash has a wonderful premise and her plot flows seamlessly, with no bumpy patches. There were misdirections throughout and they added to the story. This is the first Lyn Cash book that I have read-it will not be the last. ~ Marcy Arbitman with The Romance Studio

While Googling to find that last review, I came across this recipe and decided that it sounds delicious, whether it is or not – think I must try this one soon. Coconut & Lime Panna Cotta (I’ve seen pannacotta as one word, too)…anyway, here is the link to one of the recipes I found for this dish.

I feel really ‘out of touch’ in that I’m just now discovering this series. Anyone else watch and enjoy Big Love? This show is so well done that it’s scary! Makes me wish I’d written the premise for it. Oh…My…God!!!!!!! *laughing as I type this* Who’d have thunk it, that a series about polygamy would be such fun and so romantic? Seeing Chloe Sevigny as the middle wife, the uptight one at that…I’m blown away. Here is a partial listing of the cast – each character and actor phenomenal.

Summer Devon, Kris Starr, and I wrote an erotic trilogy about women facing strange, psychic, spooky things like ghosts, invisible heroines, and crystals that promote sexual healing. We were recently told that Shrink Wrap, the series, should be in print eventually - no definite date as yet.

Other than that...

I'm working on a novella or novel, depending upon how far this takes me, for Red Sage - we shall see if the sucker works for them. I'm writing a new m/m for Ellora's Cave that is set in Portugal, called The Mark of Cain, and I just turned a m/m into them set in Washington, DC - not sure when this one is coming out, but it was purchased for the Torrid Tarot series, and it's called Knights & White Satin. (This is novel-length, by the way.) All I know is that it was disturbingly real to my editor, who pretty much said that I jerked him from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other.

I've decided that the recipe schtick that worked for Just Desserts will work for other books, so I'm compiling a list of the recipes I've used for my books, and...let's just say there may be a cookbook in the works for sometime in 2008. Wait until you see the ones I'm incorporating into the Spies series. Oh - yeah. That first book in the series, Spies, Lies, & Duct Tape, should get a pub date any day now. I've done the edits on it - just waiting for a release date. The other books that will hopefully round out the series are The Mark of Cain (a Cash Cole book sandwiched between two by Lyn Cash) followed by Spies, Lies, & Bungee Cord.

That is all for now! You might check the recipes blog in a day or two - I've been baking a lot lately and may share a recipe or two over there. The link is at the top of this blog and to the right.

Have a great rest of the week, everyone!



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