Saturday, July 21, 2007

Keeping Busy

Sorry no Thursday Thirteen from me this time. Have been spending time with family and friends. Will share some photos, though.

Haven't had the MRI yet. Thanks to those of you who have asked. I don't think it's anything serious, so no worries. Just one of those little nuisances that has to be addressed. I shall keep up on it, though, nag the doctors until the test is given/taken, and I shall keep you posted. I probably shouldn't have even mentioned it, because now some of you are concerned. I REALLY thought I'd be taking that test the week I mentioned it. For whatever reasons, though, the government is dragging its heels, paperwork from doctor to doctor, clinic to specialist, and since Uncle Sam owns my ass...I won't know anything for some time.

It's been so pretty outside that the dogs and I have spent a lot of time under the gazebo.

When inside, I tend to reach for the flour and eggs and take on baking bread. Don't remember last time we purchased bread - lol. Merry gave me a gift certificate for my birthday last year, and I got a bread machine. Still requires ingredients. *grin* And occasionally a recipe that has to be made by hand calls my name.

I think this shot was of a lemon pound cake in progress - lol. For some reason, I'd lost my train of thought (I think that's how it happened), and I'd spotted my cell phone nearby and snapped a photo while I backtracked to discover what it was that had captured my attention while I was baking. Memory problems are such a bitch at times. So the photo phone is always with me.

When I was in DC last month, I'd take shots of the street signs and buildings so I could reassimilate the info should I get lost. Didn't need the photos but a time or two, such as while phoning for a cab and needing the address where I was staying, but I was sure glad I had those photos.

We haven't had much use for The Stress Duckie lately, but we keep him on Lola's dash (the MUV) "just in case".

Think this little guy came with a bottle of after shave for The Kid, but it could have been a bottle of his favorite booze - I really don't remember. I just know that Duckie has come in handy to lighten up things when traffic is bad or whenever the weather turns nasty. One thump on his back and the driver or passenger miraculously feels better - ha ha.

Did I mention a week or two ago that I'd been cleaning out the garage? One of those late, late spring cleanings? This house is a bit smaller than the last one we occupied, so many things are in bins. Treasures. Okay, some of it's junque. But now and then I'll run across something that makes me go AH, glad I saved this.

An elderly friend who worked for the FBI back in the forties and fifties gave me some magazines before she moved in the nineteen-eighties from Oklahoma to Texas. One collection was of The National Geographic, and I'm partial to this one. The photo is of the May, 1906 issue, which cost 25 cents when it hit the news stands, and it had the most updated info for the last major earthquake. San Francisco, the month prior.

Something really wild was reading the November, 1907 issue (think that was the one). It had the most recent really bad earthquake, and it called this one (Vesuvius in Italy) the worst world's earthquake ever. Seems there had been at least a half-dozen within the last two years. Here's a link if you want to rekindle your knowledge of the place:

Had dinner with The Kids tonight at a Chinese restaurant we haven't tried before - good food and company. Afterwards, caught a shot of the sky at dusk and of the bank and fountain across the street.

Later, back at the house, Dear Daughter In Law French-braided our hair - she's getting pretty good. (First is her - I'm the last photo of braids.)

See ya next time...
Sunny Lyn



At 9:16 AM, Blogger Beth said...

Love the French braid. (Why the hell did I have my hair cut short?)
Re: the MRI. It slays me that here (in Canada) dogs, cats, etc. can get CAT scans and MRI's faster than humans. Huh? Crazy and just plain wrong.

At 4:36 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

Thanks (re: braid)!

I love the little photo/avatar you use, by the way. Too cute!

Nothing makes sense to me any more, as far as medicine. And to think that at one time I wanted to become a doctor.

How ARE you, anyway???

At 1:49 PM, Blogger Beth said...

I'm just FINE!
Recovered from the surgery and now doing battle on the other front. (The surgery was far easier and less stressful).

At 11:59 AM, Blogger Kate R said...

I think you should use that braid picture as your id on blogger. I love it. Maybe I'll use it if you don't.

At 12:56 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

Just for you, Kate - done! *grin*

Thanks. (And you're welcome to use it, too - lol.) I'll pass along your compliment to the hair stylist.


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