Thursday, July 26, 2007

Prisoners Of Love

A shrink once asked me to tell him of some bit of news I’d recently read. I told him that I rarely watched the news on television or read about it any more, that if something of interest struck a friend or family member that they’d usually relay the information.

Those who have memory problems of my sort (primarily short term) get discouraged when they read, because we don’t retain much. It’s hit or miss.

I segued in my mind to an ancient Geraldo program on which he had a panel of romance writers. I remember Bertrice Small’s comment many of her readers who sent her fan mail were inmates. She referred to them as her ‘prisoners of love’.

Which got me thinking of my Thursday Thirteen and who I considered to fit that category, for whatever reasons.

I haven’t posted much lately, due to many reasons, but the 13 makes me concentrate while I have stream of consciousness. Weird, I know, but here ‘tis for this week.
Love is always a gamble.

Thirteen Things about PRISONERS OF LOVE
1. victims of abuse

2. the incarcerated and their families

3. the elderly

4. pets, especially those waiting for adoption

5. orphans

6. the homeless and infirm

7. AIDS patients and their families

8. the homebound

9. obsessive lovers

10. pragmatists

11. the fearful

12. soldiers and their families

13. writers

All of the above have affected me at one time or another, and I can think of sidebars for all of them, stories of people who fit each category on the list. A woman afraid to leave a bad marriage, because the devil she knew was preferable to the one she didn't. The damage inflicted on the families of people who commit crimes. The homebound old man who refused to leave his wife’s side to even go to the store, because he wanted to spend each moment he had left with her (they were on my Meals On Wheels route when I delivered hot meals from a hospital organization).

People so in love with their own ideals that they trap by themselves, enamored of their own words to the point that they see little else.

Then the heartbreakers – children, pets, hurt by the love they had or seeking love and not finding it, the elderly whose families discard them once they seem of no use.

I can’t help but consider that we’re all a Prisoner of Love at any given time. Or we’re Parolees of Love – depends upon which side of the bars our love resides. Most of us are either trapped in a relationship, a willing captive, or we’re seeking a love that enraptures us. Funny, how enrapt and entrapped sound so much alike, huh? I’d like to think I make healthy choices now and that when I’m ‘stuck’, it’s of my own volition.

So that’s my offering for the day. Ask yourself if you’re a Prisoner or a Parolee. If that offends, I’m sorry. If it makes you think…good. If the post helps you bust a few bars, even better. Till next time…thanks for joining me today.

~ Sunny Lyn

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At 7:19 PM, Blogger Beth said...

I believe I'm "out on parole" at this time - which is fine by me. Preferable to being a "prisoner of love."

At 3:55 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

I have no clue why that particular topic was on my mind. Brain fart?

At 7:06 AM, Blogger Michele said...

I'm not sure where I stand .... but your post definitly made me think.

My DH has short term memory issues affects his test taking abilities.
He never knew he had it until we had him tested and diagnosed.
It was his current employment that pushed the issue and brought the problem to the fore.
Since then, he's had time for retrospeciton and found that it explains so much about how he did in school and how things were in his past. It helped himself know himself better.

So, I can empathize with the challenges you face because if it.
Kudos for being the successful person you are.

At 10:06 PM, Blogger April said...

I guess I'm a parolee of love. But your post sure did make me think!


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