Friday, August 31, 2007

The Next Workshop

Seems I've been asked to teach another writers' workshop or two, so for those who have asked, here are the ones I have scheduled and the ones that are in the works. I'm hooked on working with the Heart of Dixie, so they're my 'backers', if you will, on at least these three there's a fourth through another group.

The one workshop on writing erotic romance is scheduled for September or October of 2008, so that one is pretty far away, and I'll give info sometime next year on that one.

The earliest one that I'll be teaching with Heart of Dixie moderating will 'probably' be on writing family history books. History is one of my minors, and family histories are a passion of mine - love 'em. I'll ask for a page of information about two or three weeks ahead of class (which will most likely be end of February) from students so that they can have the personal information that they need. Then we'll work on putting together layouts and getting things set up so that the books read like bestseller fiction rather than dry as bones bits of personal information. History is fascinating, and having it laced throughout our own backgrounds can make for interesting reading.

The next workshop may be geared for advanced writers who are "almost there" with their fiction, writers who get rejection letters and just need that extra polish in order to sell.



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