Monday, December 10, 2007

Ice, Tomato Crop, & Writing

The dogs are actually liking a romp in the ice or snow (we've had both), but they sure don't like being out there too long.

Here they are in the back yard this morning. Wasn't long until they wanted their Scooby Snack, though, and they were ready to say bye-bye to the cold.

What is so weird here is that we're having all this ice, and my "tomato crop" is finally taking off - ROFL. Still have just the one Roma tomato, but oooh, she looks pretty now.

On writing. I didn't really have much of a plan last year, and I'm paying for it in 2007. Don't get me wrong, I have had a blast since we moved here. I've had time (once the move was over and we got settled) to bake, to garden a bit (as you can tell, I'm not too good at it, though, if all I can do is get one lousy tomato for my efforts), to write, to walk (the health has been a blessing)

That said, I've been following a self-imposed regimen since September, so I'll have a bit more coming out in 2008. Have an anthology debuting with two dear friends, Alexis Fleming and Summer Devon, on January 7th (more on WHO'S YOUR DADDY?) later. My MOTHER has asked for a copy of this book since she gave us the generic idea for the series. *gulp* I dunno if I've got the guts to go for this one or not.

* * *

Have a novella with Ellora's Cave debuting January 9th (this one is Spies, Lies, & Duct Tape - more on THAT later, too). I'd show you a cover, but I'm still waiting on the art department to get back to me on that one.

* * *

Am back into writing confessions and am having a blast writing for Dorchester Media. I'd forgotten how fun these stories are to write.

* * *

"Yule Eventually Learn", about a Pagan daughter-in-law and a Christian mother-in-law is in the winter issue of True Experience, and "Drunk Every New Year's" about a grieving mother whose son was murdered will be in the January issue of True Story.

* * *

And that's it for today. Stay safe and warm, everybody!



At 2:38 PM, Blogger Denise Patrick said...

That'll teach you to let your mother come up with ideas for your writing!

Hey, you won a prize on my blog and I'm still waiting for an addy to send it to. At this rate you won't get it by Christmas!

At 4:24 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

:) Sent you an email to your email account, Denise - THANK YOU!!!

And ain't that the truth? - lol


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