Sunday, March 08, 2009

Goodbye From Las Vegas

The awards banquet was...not bad. The food was great (prime rib, a chocolate cake with a cheesecake centered - mmm. Anyway...


Master of Cermonies...Daniel Reitz, Sr.
Alessia Brio - for all her charity work with the Coming Together anthologies
the Monte Lago hotel staff who served at the banquet


Any writer who has the audacity to say "You write what? I don't read or write _____ (fill in the blank) OR any writer who snubs anyone who writes what they find distasteful. Snobbery will not win EPIC any new members or friends for long. Be NICE.

That said...a special thanks to Carol Lynne, my hostess with the absolute mostess class, style, smile, charm, and generous heart. Special thanks to Angelo for squiring us around Las Vegas, Henderson, and Hoover Dam. Special thanks to Michael for the magnificent haircut. I feel (AND LOOK) about 10 years younger. I LOVE it.

In a few hours, we'll all be headed home. See you on the net once I'm back in the Midwest and catch up on hugs and conversation with The Kids and The Pups.

Sunny Lyn




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