Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'd rather be...

Productive? I just don't have much steam to do anything for some reason. Maybe I'd rather be cooking than writing...or traveling rather than sitting on my butt. Dunno. I filled out one of those 'get to know your friends in 2010' memes, and I wonder why the heck anyone would want to know that much about me., not the meme.

I looka at the snow we've had (not as much as some folks have had, that's for sure) and imagine spring bulbs popping up from the ground like rainbow sprites or something. I look at the WIPs I open and imagine them to be completed masterpieces.

Ain't happening. I am delighted that I've accomplished what I have thus far in 2010, but I see that long stretch ahead of me and wonder how I'll possibly get everything done that I want to do before December 31st.

I'm looking forward to so much...i fear I'm missing some of those "now" moments, and I really treasure those. The family is fine, I'm fine, the weather is pretty, if sucky for most. And I don't want to let go of the comfort of the now, but I have an itch to sample some of the what-ifs of tomorrow.

Color me in limbo. Hope the rest of you are more grounded today. If not, find me in cyberspace and we'll have a cup of whatever and some good conversation. Maybe you can kick me in the pants and get me interested in those WIPs that I've abandoned.



At 2:47 PM, Blogger Heather Snow said...

Come on, girl! Just because the lake house is closed for the winter is no excuse not to write. I've seen what you can do!

What can we do to get you that motivated again? ;)

At 3:47 AM, Blogger Alexis Fleming said...

Whatever it is, Heather, can you send me some of it too? I so need to get my butt into gear and get finishing the WIPs I have started.


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