Sunday, February 14, 2010


I need a sign plastered on me that says Old Teachers Never Die, They Just Lose Their Class.

I'm in a weird writing space, doing a bit of editing on one hand, writing on the other, and having to say NO to folks bugs me. I mean, I get enough rejection as a writer--I don't need the headache of dumping that off onto someone else.

I'm also having gender issues. My male/male persona has books to write, but the chick lit writer wants her say and keeps crowding him to the back of the room. Never mind that it's no longer chick lit but women's fiction. The pink sheep of the family isn't taking the news well at all, so the feud escalates. I just want the people in my head to shut the hell up for a few hours. Let me enjoy the snow. Formulate a better writing agenda. Maybe a shower would help.



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