Friday, April 07, 2006

Chillin' Out 4/7/06

I spent from 3 pm yesterday until this morning nursing a miserable cold, only got out of bed if necessary and then not for long. Dreamed continuously and woke up thinking today is Saturday - well, I suppose it is SOMEWHERE, just not here. So I won't even attempt being clever this morning. Will just fish out of my 'friends' folder for some things to amuse us.

Pre-Easter goodies from friends..."The Catholic Blonde" from Mary Ellen: On their honeymoon, the blonde bride slipped into a sexy nightie and, with great anticipation, crawled into bed, only to find that her new Catholic husband had settled down on the couch. When she asked him why he was apparently not going to make love to her, he replied, "It's Lent." In tears, she remarked, "Well, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! Who did you lend it to, and for how long?"

From Kris:

Click Here for the card Janet sent me.

Optical illusions:

good & evil

optical & illusion

teach & learn

Today's words of wisdom shared by Handyman Don:

The first product to have a bar code was Wrigley's gum.

Turtles can breathe through their butts.

Dentists have recommended that a toothbrush be kept at least six (6) feet away from a toilet to avoid airborne particles resulting from the flush. (eeewwww!!! I'm gonna keep my toothbrush in the living room now!)

Feel free to leave your own bits of useless trivia or complaints - I shall forward them to the appropriate bin.

Have a great weekend, everyone.



At 11:21 AM, Blogger Rinda Elliott said...

That teach thang drove me nuts! I love that chocolate bunny one. I was going to put that on my blog this month, too. (g)

Take care. Get better. Rinda's orders.

At 6:15 AM, Blogger Sam said...

LOL for the bunnies and the easter card!!
Eeewww about the toothbrush.
Too funny about the blonde and Lent!

At 9:20 AM, Blogger Shesawriter said...

ROFLOL! Hope his arse gets better. :-)


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