Friday, September 29, 2006

Mug Shots

I'd like to tell you that the WIPs are all finished, that I've made all my deadlines, that I've written so many books that I'm ahead of the game by two or three years, but that isn't the case.

Either I'm too damn old to live like I do, or settling in just takes time, but you know what? I'm not regretting any of it (famous last words, I know). I've had the best time meeting some of my neighbors...Fern is 79 years old and has the most beautiful hostas and a husband who was on Omaha Beach during WWII. Carol is in her 70's and is a die-hard patriot with a huge American flag flying from her front porch. One young couple has a blonde lab named Molly who can drag me across the fence in a tug of war. Then there are the kids who trudge slowly towards the elementary school of a morning, like they just can't find the energy to get there...but they're like tiny hummingbirds, flitting from yard to yard, skipping over everything in their path on their way back come 3 o'clock.

There's "the hunk" I haven't met who has a hyper little dog who cracks me up. (Truly, I'm watching the dog and not Hunk & his buddies.)

My own dogs have discovered squirrels and rabbits and all manner of critters who keep them curious. Me? I'm reconnecting to autumn mornings sipping coffee on the patio, opening mail, making phone calls, and massaging my feet after a hike up the mountain to 'civilization' where there's a Sheridan’s Frozen Custard. And while I have food on the brain...

There’s something sooo comforting about holding a great mug filled with your favorite coffee. The right mug, with the right balance and texture can transform your day. I found the right mug this past week. It reminded me of one from Starbucks. [Ethos water, by the way? One of my favorite things to buy – just read what they’re all about.] Anyway, I digress. The coffee mug…

Okay, part of my time (when I probably should have been writing) has been spent shopping with Merry, Beverly, Becky, & Jessica, sampling The Plaza in Kansas City, where we've had coffee, cappuccino and croissants at Classic Cup Café, browsed the books at a FOUR-STORIES HIGH Barnes & Noble *faints from happiness*, did the clothes & handbags & shoes shopping at places like Ann Taylor, avoided places like Tiffany & Co where we couldn’t afford anything anyway – lol, and drooled over dishes & furnishings at Pottery Barn. So shoot me – I have a new obsession, and it’s the Sausalito collection. The coffee mugs and cereal bowls are mine, you hear? All mine. I gotsa get a set of these.

Did I mention the cheesecake? The Garage Sale Girls had lunch at Red Lobster, did some more shopping (Sunny got a makeover at the Este Lauder area in Macy's - blame it on Bev, who got one first and looked like a million bucks). Then we had dessert at The Cheesecake Factory. time you wonder why Sunny Lyn isn't online, why she's quiet (oh, whatever - I CAN be), know that if it's autumn in the midwest, she's most likely outside on her patio (hey, no laptop yet...but it's a-comin') playing with her dogs, sipping her coffee, and praying her editors understand. A girl can only do so much, and great coffee, happy dogs, cheesecake, and good reading material must be enjoyed while they're there. Until next time, here are some funnies from Mary Ellen and Janet. Enjoy!

Harlow was fixing a door and he found that he needed a new hinge, so he sent his wife Mary to the hardware store. At the hardware store, Mary saw a beautiful teapot on a top shelf while she was waiting for Carl, the manager, to finish waiting on a customer.

WhenCarl was finished, Mary asked "How much for the teapot?"

Carl replied, "That's silver and it costs $100!"

"My goodness, that sure is a lotta money!" Mary exclaimed.

Then she proceeded to describe the hinge that Harlow had sent her to buy, andCarl went to the back room to find it. From the back room Carl yelled, "Mary, you wanna screw for that hinge?"

Mary replied, "No, but I will for the teapot."

This is why you can't send a woman to a hardware store.

This is what we have been waiting for...the true answers to 5 really important Questions:

A: It's Braille for "suck here".

A: It's the same as a French kiss, only "down under."

A: Melt them down, make a tire, and call it a Goodyear.

A: Because when they come, they're wild and wet. But when they go, they take your house and car with them.

A: Because they don't have any balls to scratch.

Now, you know everything you need to know

Well, maybe just one more…you know you want to know this one.

And the 'money angel' is from Heather Rae - may she (the money angel) sprinkle her good, fortunate fairy dust all over the lot of us.

Have a great day, everyone.



At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Kris Starr said...

Hey, I've been thinking about you, dear, and wondering just where in the heck you've been!

Glad to hear you've been recharging your batteries -- I've been running mine down. LOL

Haven't been on IM lately, so sorry about that -- but will make a point to do so very soon!


At 7:36 PM, Blogger Merry said...


Pa has sent Mom and I to the hardware store for stuff we know nothing about. Trying to describe that we need an electrical box for an RV hookup that has a 30 amp plug with Y shaped pokie things and 2 plug things...well, the looks we get.

A screw would be a lot easier.

BTW, Mom, Becky and I had a blast, too. This half of the Garage Sale Girls did a little saling today - picked up a book of small home plans and some cross stitch stuff...

And some boots, the floor for StreamBoat Annie (the Airstream), and paint for her walls.

A good day was had by all.

But I still think a screw would be easier.

At 12:42 AM, Blogger April said...

Sounds like you're having a good time and that has to be good for your creativity well, if nothing else! Enjoy yourself.

Love the jokes!

At 8:57 AM, Blogger Sam said...

LOL about the hardware store joke!!!!
I lvoe a good cup of coffee too!

At 10:23 PM, Blogger Shesawriter said...

Too funny, Lyn. I needed this pick me up. Thanks!!

At 12:53 PM, Blogger Trace said...

It does take time to settle in, Lyn. I know. I'm having trouble gettin' it rolling as well. *Sigh*

At 7:49 PM, Blogger Michele said...

LOL! Oh you are too much!

Putting a pic of those handsome dudes and not even mentioning them ... I was waiting for a lusty comment or two or three. *wink*

The jokes had me giggling like a loon... especially the Down Under quip. Love it!

Oh that sounds so nice...relaxing with a cup of coffee. I haven't been able to do that ... yet.
New job, new craziness ... I'm still trying to figure out the new rhythym of my life.

I like yours.

Enjoy.. Oh! and you are SO bad!
78 days until Christmas...I'm trying to figure out Halloween, never mind a December holiday. Ouch!!

bad, bad, lady *wink*


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