Saturday, September 16, 2006

Now That I'm A Tad Calmer

Thank you, everyone who has expressed concern over my undies & the forks – lol – and to everyone who has wished us well with the move.

The undies & the forks were never meant to be packed together. Not really. Well, maybe by one of my fur babies. Pita (yes, her name means what the initials stand for – pain in the ass) is a mutt of Schnauzer and Jack Russell Terrier mix. She’s always stolen my undies, particularly socks, but sometimes the bra and panties, if she sees that I’m ready to leave the house. If I have them on the bed, she rips them off and runs. The move traumatized her – and somehow some of my stuff wound up with the eating utensils. (No crass jokes, please.) So that’s the undies & forks story.

The rest of my clothes? Most were packed as planned, but at the last minute, all the towels and wash cloths were packed, and we were out of paper towels and newspapers and even bins, so…that’s how a few other items wound up, as packing fodder.

FYI, both dogs, Pita and Chewy (wolf & Shepherd mix) love their new home and are doing quite well. They’re learning how to sneak up on squirrels and rabbits rather than alert them by barking and running amok. They love their large, fenced back yard and the early fall weather we’re receiving.

Looks like we brought some Oklahoma stormy weather north with us, because I’ll have to shut down the computer in a bit until the bad stuff blows over.

On the writing side of things, Lyn Cash received
a 5-Angel review from Michelle for “The Promise: Stream of Time”. I was so jazzed with this. Glimpses into Egyptian society and culture are some of the best written I’ve ever seen. Time travel fans, sit up and take notice, Lyn Cash’s The Promise: Stream of Time is a treat you won’t want to miss!

Lyn had a new novella debut with Samhain last week called “
Red Hot Lover” (hunky cover model, huh?). You can read an excerpt here or buy the book here.

Still no word as to whether or not
Just Desserts will go to print. Books with EC that do well are candidates for print runs between 6-8 months, and JD’s time frame would be mid-September through mid-November. This is one of the books that Playgirl is featuring in their January issue.

Bobbie Cole has her own thang goin’. First book signing for
Leaving Mama is coming up in early November with Borders Books in Kansas City, one of the two stores in Overland Park. I’m new at this and in the beginning stages of making arrangements, but I’ll offer more info as soon as things are settled. Right now I gotta say THANK YOU to Charli, Tilly, Beth, & NJ (fellow Samhellions) who are sending me bookmarks to place inside the cornucopia at this upcoming book signing. THANKS, LADIES! (Cornucopia will have bookmarks, candy, cough drops, a bit of ‘mama help’ for attendees.)

BIG SHOUT OUT to my publicist, CARLA ARPIN for all her help the past month. She’s had a lot on her plate to contend with and has still managed to offer me a shoulder and an ear.

Be looking for books 2 & 3 of the Shrink Wrap series with Ellora’s Cave. Summer Devon’s “
Invisible Touch” debuted two months ago and is still garnering rave reviews. Kris Starr’s “Seeing Is Believing” should debut within the next month, followed closely by yours truly’s “Crystal Clear Persuasion”.

MORE SHOUT OUTS - Congratulations to the following fellow authors:
Witches Knot: Vengeance Due by Lauren Dane
Spirit Flight by Jory Strong
Sundown, Inc. 4: Baby Sham Faery Love by Cat Marsters
Wrong Place, Wrong Time? by Ann Jacobs
The Treasure by Beth Williamson
The Prize by Beth Williamson
Agency of Extraordinary Mates – Chasing Dragons by Kate Douglas
Screwing with Perfect by Louisa Trent



At 4:25 AM, Blogger Sam said...

Glad the move went well - and forks and undies have been sorted and placed in their respective drawers. Ahem.
Dogs love to chase squirrels. Auguste goes after blackbirds - but so far they've managed to keep just out of reach. It drives him nuts and I've seen him trying to climb the lilac tree on occasion, his expression one of madness and determination, lol. (Auguste is a wire-haired dachshund and very imaginative!)
!!!And Congrats for the 5 star review!!!!

At 6:41 AM, Blogger Michele said...

Wow! lots of book info.

Your dogs sound like they're getting into the swing of being "hunters" - getting in touch with their inner wolf. *grin*

Glad to hear the move hasn't had any lasting stress affects on your fur babies.

Awesome news on your review. So, I'm curious, how do you celebrate when you get such awesome news?
get pampered? Chocolate, Champagne? or just dance around the house?

At 8:32 AM, Blogger Merry said...

Book reviews? Book signings? Great stuff! I'll be there for the booksigning, barring bad weather, acts of God and sleet of night...or something like that. LOL

Pa found the clippers and I clipped my dogs for this hot stormy weather you brought from OK!

Glad to hear the puppies are settling in and that you're doing great, too!

Take a breath and then get to work on that next book!

Love ya!

At 7:39 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

Sam, I love that name...Auguste. (Imagining dog attempting to climb lilac tree...)

Michele, #1 Son bought his mother and girlfriend a box of Godiva chocolates to celebrate - lol. I'd dance, but I have a cramp in left *cheek* from all the stair climbing, not to get too graphic. Not many steps, but it's down a step to garage (then back up), down a step to utility room (and of course back up - now multiply 12 loads of laundry in a 2-day period alone), down 3 steps to backyard patio (and we smoke outside, never inside), and when you first move, that entails a lot of stairs.

Merry, you'd BETTER be here or at least be phone handy. *grin*

I think I must be stair-stepping in my sleep. I went to bed with heating pad on my neck one night and woke up with the darned thing on my ass (left cheek, ya know).

Thanks for dropping by, ladies. *grin*

At 9:45 PM, Blogger Charlene Teglia said...

Just bought Red Hot Lover. I lorve firefighters! Too funny about your underwear/silverware.

At 12:08 AM, Blogger April said...

Glad to hear the undies got sorted out and the move went well.

Woo hoo on the review!!!

We have a large glass door on our deck and squirrels love to sit at it and torment our dog. Of course they flee the moment he's free to give chase. Poor guy gets so frustrated!

At 10:26 PM, Blogger Shesawriter said...

Hey Lyn,

Just dropping in to say hi and that I hope your writing is going well.


At 6:04 PM, Blogger Trace said...

You're friggin' amazing. You know that right? I'm in awe. I wanna BE you!

At 5:26 PM, Blogger Tess Harrison said...

You always make me smile! How are you doing? Great review, lady!

At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Carla said...

*BIG SHOUT OUT to my publicist, CARLA ARPIN for all her help the past month. She’s had a lot on her plate to contend with and has still managed to offer me a shoulder and an ear.*

Aw, shucks. *blushing* Thanks, m'love! And HUGE CONGRATS on that Fireman cover! *pant, drool, squirm!*

Lots o' love,
Carla : )

At 4:27 PM, Anonymous Lauren said...

Thanks for the plug, doll! And congrats on the fab review and getting all things in their places (moving sucks!)

At 3:03 PM, Blogger Amie Stuart said...

Um hello where are you?


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