Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Deelicious Feeling

Do you like the drastically improved book covers at the top of this page? If so, thank Dee – lol. She IM’d me early today and asked gently: Would you like some help with your blog? I replied by asking her: Do you THINK I need help? Things only got better from there. While we were still in an IM an hour or so later, she received a phone call. Pop over to her blog to read all about her great news!

Dee is a member of one of my critique groups. She has a romance novel, Betting Hearts, debuting with Samhain Publishing next month, just a couple of weeks after my first mainstream novel with them.

It's been a little over 3 years since Merry Stahel and I formed The Belfry Collective, at which time I think we only had 2 authors published. Seems before the end of 2006, something like nine of our authors sold--Dee was one of those. Now we are 15 strong, and 13 are published, some under two names.

Heather Rae Scott is another of our fold, and The Last Thing I Expected, her first book with Samhain debuts NEXT WEEK!

Back to Merry, while I'm tripping down Memory Lane. Merry and I had spoken on the telephone, shared innumerable IMs and emails, but we'd never met in person until Mother's Day. Her sister Maggie had a 50th birthday, and while Merry was visiting Mags, she traveled an hour or so south, found me, and after much hugging and chattering, shopping for western clothing and petting dogs at an Oklahoma City pet store, Merry bought all six in our group dinner at Cattlemen’s Steakhouse. Afterwards, we all came back to my place, where Merry and I sat outside at the bistro table talking writing while her family members and mine stayed inside discussing Lord knows what else. It was one of the most memorable and marvelous Mother's Days I've spent.

Right now I'm counting the days (as in about 64 at last count) until many of us meet in Atlanta for one of the largest writers' conferences on the planet, that of Romance Writers of America, where I'll once again share a room with Alexis, but this time I get to meet her daughter. Kelly will be flying up from Oz with her mother, and the three of us will spend a week or more attending seminars, swimming, shopping, and partying our bums off at places such as the FF&P Gathering, a KOD Death by Chocolate party, and an Oscar-worthy awards ceremony.

For the record, The Belfry Collective includes:
Alexis Fleming
Ann Wesley Hardin
Bobbie Cole
Bronwyn Parry
Catherine Berlin
Christine Zubko
Dee Tenorio
Donica Covey
Gerrie Shepard
Heather Rae Scott
Kate Rothwell
Kris Starr
Liz Wolfe
Lyn Cash
Merry Stahel
Shara Jones
Summer Devon

I've had the pleasure of meeting all but 5 of these magnificent critique partners. Hopefully, some day, I can hug them all and thank them for the wonderful gifts they've given me of friendship, encouragement, butt-kicking critiques, and laughter.

Just felt like a group hug - pardon me - I'll be back to my normal bitchy self in a day or two. Until then, happy writing - may the muses be kind, and if they're not, write about their stupid arses. And do visit Dee and congratulate her. She's earned this moment in the sun.



At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Esther said...

Hey Sunny, I'm not much for blogging, but I wanted to come out and say "hi" since I've been so busy lately, I haven't been on IM (we've been banned from using it at work other things capture my attention at home) and haven't been looking at genealogy at all. Someday when I get my life back together, I'll treat you to a subscription and you can go find some more stuff - for me and anyone else. Have a great time in Atlanta - I'll miss everybody.

At 9:56 AM, Blogger Dee said...

Awww, Sunny! Thanks bunches!!

Big smooches & Hugs!

At 7:52 PM, Blogger Merry said...

Group hug right backatcha! My sister says it was her best Mother's Day/Birthday ever, too.

I had a GREAT time and next time I show up in Oklahoma, your place will be an automatic stop!

It was great meeting The Kid and Jess, too. So sweet! Love ya!

At 8:11 PM, Blogger Lauren Dane said...

There's something so wonderful about the friends we make on this writing journey.

At 9:57 PM, Blogger Rae said...

You rock. I love you to death and am going to miss doing all those things with you in atlanta this year.



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