Wednesday, September 26, 2007

13 Things About September 2007

Thirteen Things about September 2007

1. NDN died – an affirmation for all of his friends that drinking & driving still don’t mix. Four small kids under the age of 10, and he died on his oldest daughter’s birthday. We will miss you, NDN.
2. Total ebound Books bought the Sperm Donor #69 stories (mine is “Playing the Ace”) – These will most likely debut in December or January.
3. My glucose levels have been under control (for the most part). YAY!
4. Pita took her last bath of 2007 outside. Then she wanted to curl up in her blankie. I think of her as Sister Mary Pita when she looks like this.

5. My mother celebrated her 74th birthday.
6. I sold my first confession since 2002 or 2003 (I forget which). This one is scheduled for a Winter 2007 issue.

7. The Girl and I had a day out gambling at a casino in Missouri.
8. The Girl taught The Boy how to crochet.
9. The Boy taught The Girl how to cook one of his favorite dishes.

10. I taught The Girl how to write confessions.
11. I’ve ironed more shirts in 1 month’s time than I have in the past 30 years. Thank God it’s fall – LOL. The Boy has the likes of Ralph Lauren, and the humidity doesn’t make every cotton item on our bodies wrinkle within five seconds after we don it.
12. I FINALLY got a tentative pub date on a book I sold in MARCH. If I didn’t love this editor so much, I’d hire someone to kick his ass for me.
13. La Bella Luna debuted in print – YAY, YAY, and YAY!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS BOOK!

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Thursday is my morning to blog at one of my publisher’s websites. Stop by the Samhain Weblog and say HELLO if you get the chance. You may even see what this old broad looks like.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend, everybody.



At 8:00 AM, Blogger Cat Marsters & Kate Johnson said...

Yay on LBL in print--I have my first Samhain book in print this month too!

At 8:11 AM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

ooh - I saw that, and I WANT THAT BOOK - love the cover! - lol

THANKS for the good wishes. Right back atcha, girl.

At 6:10 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Great Thursday Thirteen -
Congrats about La Bella Luna in print!!!
& Love that photo of Pita - Awwwww!

At 5:17 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

Thanks, Jennifer! She's so rotten. I love spoiling my pets, though.

At 8:29 PM, Blogger Shesawriter said...

Congratulations on the sale of the story, Lyn! :-)


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Thursday, September 20, 2007

a contemplative 13

Thirteen Reasons I Write

** a colonoscopy costs about $1500 – so does a month’s worth of meds
** to discuss subjects that interest me and bore others to tears
** the RWA conference in San Francisco will cost me about $2300
**I like hanging out with other weirdos online
**writing affords me the ability to prostitute other parts of myself at a cheaper rate
selling a story is a lot like getting paid to gossip, and I like writing the stories my characters tell me.
** Okay – I’ll ‘fess up – I like writing the tales my friends tell me in confidence. I can’t be trusted – if it’s a worthy tale, I’ll tell it. Generally, in an unworthy manner.
**Mama needs new shoes & the pups need their rawhide treats and peanut butter bones.
**I can’t sew worth a damn or do crafts, so this gives me something to do with my hands (oh, please – don’t go down there) besides reach for nicotine.
**writing is therapeutic
**I’m a masochistic pervert with rejection issues
**writing gives me an excuse to procrastinate
**It keeps me out of trouble…no, scratch that. It restricts me from committing unspeakable acts, most of which lead to prison. Well, damn. Forget that one as well. It keeps me normal? *sigh* It helps me understand myself and others better. Not a lot, but it counts for something.

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At 9:01 AM, Blogger Beth said...

"A masochistic pervert with rejection issues?"
Learn something new about you with every post!

At 12:26 PM, Blogger Sam said...

It's theraputic until the computer suddenly freezes - or your word doc suddenly disappears - or you read your manuscript 95,321 times and you still see huge typos...
And then you bang your head on the keyboard and wish you'd taken up collages or knitting.
(otherwise I basically agree...)

At 1:10 AM, Blogger Shesawriter said...

**I’m a masochistic pervert with rejection issues

Yep. That's me.

At 2:40 AM, Blogger Lyvvie said...

I steal storied my friends tell me too!! They should know better, but I think they get a sick kind of satisfaction out of it.

You should make a Masochistic Pervert With Rejection Issues Club and use the fees to pay for the RWA shin-dig.

At 4:08 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

Now THERE is a thought, Lyvvie! - lol

hugs, you four...


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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Motivational Poster of the Day

You can only die once.
(thanks, H.R. - I needed this today)



At 11:29 PM, Blogger Shesawriter said...

ROFLMAO! I love that pic. Where the heck did you get it?

At 11:54 AM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

Heather gave it to me. *grin* I love that thing - will probably use it again and again and still not feel I've worn it out. THANKS!

At 8:23 PM, Blogger Michele said...

That's a scream, Lyn! Love it.

And I'm glad my blog gave you a smiling moment too.
We can never have enough of them, can we?

HUGS, Lyn. Hope you are feeling better.

At 1:51 AM, Blogger raine said...

Oh dear God, I LOVE it!


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Pardon me while I rant a bit, and if you’re worried that I’m talking about you, I’m not. If you’re needy and hate ‘tough love’, it’s best you read no further. It’s my blog, so I’m venting on this one.

If you’re stuck in a rut, there’s a reason. You can either fight it, learn from it, or ignore it, but that doesn’t make the problem go away. You’re still in a rut. You can’t continue the same behavior and expect different results—that’s just not the way the world works.

Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about crappy grammar, a broken heart, losing a contest, losing weight, or not reaching your goals. If nothing changes, nothing changes. Like it or not, you have a choice, and what you do with it is nobody else’s responsibility.

Harsh word, responsibility, but it’s a necessary one. We don’t grow without it.

Some people, even intelligent ones, don’t consider that behavior is habitual, and a habit can be changed—replaced with a better one. They hate the results they keep getting, but they’re not willing to do the work involved to alter their circumstances. It’s always somebody else’s fault, or God hates them, or they’re not capable…excuses, and the results are the same. The rut is still there.

I had a student with horrid grammar, and she said that she’d leave that part of writing up to her editor. She’s still surprised that she can’t sell to a bigger, better (her words, not mine) publisher. She’s still surprised that I refuse to critique her, too.

A friend claims that nobody pays her attention, that she’s left out of things, that they don’t include her. Why should they when all she talks about is herself, when she’s never there when they need her, and when her attitude is one of me, me, me? When asked for my input, I was the asshole because I didn’t give her what she wanted. Oh, I was an asshole—I’ll give her that. I said things I shouldn’t have. My frustration overrode my common sense and courtesy. “That tough love crap doesn’t work with me.” Obviously not. Neither does expecting me to be your enabler…or your friend if you shit on me.

Just because I give you the truth as I see it when you ask me, it doesn’t mean I hate your writing or that I don’t like you as a person. It’s just that I’m not willing to let your dogma trample my karma, and if I don’t like myself when I’m with you, it’s time for one of us to take a step back and reevaluate things.

Just because you’re in a rut doesn’t mean you have to stay there either.

Do you like where you are? Your writing, your friendships, your life? Anything worth fighting for is worth an investment of time and energy and the willingness to give up what is bad for you. You’re not a tree, you’re not rooted to an idea or a person or a thing—you’ve made a choice to be where you are. If you wish to change things, it all starts with acceptance of your situation and abilities, followed by change. And again…if nothing changes, nothing changes. You are the only one in your life who can institute change. If you wait for someone else to turn you on, what if they never show up?

As you change and grow, though, do it with grace and forgiveness. Then you’ll have blessings you can’t imagine, and you’ll have others willing to nurture you.

The desire to grow something in our lives starts with desire, yes, but unless it’s followed with action, that seed is still lying there without what it needs to grow, to turn it from a dream into a reality. First the desire, then the soil, but somebody has to show up to plant the damn thing. Somebody has to pull the weeds, work the soil, ensure the sunlight, and foster fresh air. THEN and ONLY THEN can anyone, including you, enjoy it.

And that’s all I have to say about that today.



At 2:05 PM, Blogger Merry said...

Amen, Sistah! Although I msut say I'm actually trying to establish a life has been so topsy-turvy lately I WANT some routine. LOL

At 2:06 PM, Blogger Merry said...

I hate when I mispell words and psot without looking! Sigh. That word up there is "must."

At 2:06 PM, Blogger Merry said...

LOLOLOLOLOL- OOPS! I did it again!

At 2:21 PM, Blogger Amie Stuart said...

Very timely my friend. HOnestly, I'm with Merry...I'd like a bit of rut, a bit of slowdown. SEems like lately if it's not one thing it's another and I'm struggling for progress.

At 2:44 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

Oh, my spelling's atrocious at times - lol - or should I say my TYPING?

I haven't been in a rut for a while, so maybe I'm just not as sympathetic as some would want me to be. I figure, I made the choices that put me here, so I can make the choices to get me out.

I have a 9-yr-old cousin in ICU for diabetes, and I swear she gets more done than a lot of adults I know. It's all perspective, saying THIS I can deal with, THIS I can't, and if it's not mine to fix, I'm moving to something else and leaving the rest of it up to God or whoever.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. Selfish people just chap my ass, especially when there are those like little Kylie who don't ask much of anyone.

At 9:48 AM, Blogger Beth said...

I love your metaphor.
I've planted the seeds and I'm cultivating!
Change is definitely in the wind...

At 11:56 AM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

GREAT, Beth - you deserve a break after the past few months. It's good to see you!


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Friday, September 14, 2007

13 Belated Kewl Links & Cartoons

Thirteen Belated Kewl Links, Cartoons, or Sayings

1. Flavors of Fall
2. Women In Art ~ from Joshua
3. Boo At The Zoo
4. Metal Fillings (cartoon) ~ from Janet

5. Math Instructor Joke ~ from Janet

Teacher arrested At New York 's Kennedy airport a few months ago, an individual later discovered to be a public school teacher was arrested trying to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a setsquare, a slide rule, and a calculator. At a morning press conference, then Attorney general John Ashcroft said he believes the man is a member of the notorious al-gebra movement. He is being charged by the FBI with carrying weapons of math instruction.

"Al-gebra is a fearsome cult," Ashcroft said. "They desire average solutions by means and extremes, and sometimes go off on tangents in a search of absolute value. They use secret code names like 'x' and 'y' and refer to themselves as 'unknowns', but we have determined they belong to a common denominator of the axis of medieval with coordinates in every country. As the Greek philanderer Isosceles used to say, 'there are 3 sides to every triangle'." When asked to comment on the arrest, President Bush said, "If God had wanted us to have better weapons of math instruction, He would have given us more fingers and toes."

6. The Purina Diet (joke) ~ from Helen

I was in Wal-Mart buying a large bag of Purina for my dog and was in line to check out. A woman behind me asked if I had a dog........Duh!I was feeling a bit crabby so on impulse I told her no, I was starting The Purina Diet again, although Iprobably shouldn't because I'd ended up in thehospital last time, but that I'd lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care unit with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IV's in both arms.

Her eyes about bugged out of her head. I went on and on with the bogus diet story and she was totally buying it. I told her that it was an easy, inexpensive diet and that the way it works is to load your pockets or purse with Purina nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry. The package said the food is nutritionally complete so I was going to try it again. I have to mention here that practically everyone in the line was by now enthralled with my story, particularly a tall guy behind her. Horrified, she asked if something in the dog food hadpoisoned me and was that why I ended up in thehospital. I said no.....I'd been sitting in the streetlicking my butt when a car hit me.I thought the tall guy was going to have to be carried out the door.

7. Friendship quote – from Kris

A simple friend expects you to always be there for them.A real friend expects to always be there for you!

8. My latest sale went to this publisher. Look for Playing The Ace sometime toward either the end of 2007 or beginning of 2008.
9. Mount Vernon's 18th Century Craft Fair
10. Classic Cars
11. Mrs. Giggles reviews Alexis Fleming’s Sink or Swim
12. Euro-Reviews on Lyn Cash’s Stream of Time
13. Jack Daniels Glazed Ham recipe

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At 5:27 AM, Blogger Sam said...

Oh HOWL at the doggy diet joke - that is hysterical!!

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

hehehe - I should have gone back through it - when we copy and paste stuff, often the words run together. *sigh* I'm glad you enojoyed it, though.

Makes my day to see you!!!!


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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thirteen Really Kewl (or STRANGE) Recipes

Thirteen Really Kewl (or even strange) RECIPES

Kitty Litter Cake (Oct 18, 2006 blog)*kewl AND strange

Recipes borrowed from Doug & Merry in 2006 *absolutely kewl
Pear and Apple Sauce Diabetic Recipe *kewl
Diabetic Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins Recipe *kewl

Starbucks (copycat recipe) Mocha Frappucino *kewl
Simple Chicken & Sausage Gumbo *kewl
Bow-Ties with Broccoli and Chickpeas *kewl
The King’s Favorite Snack (okay, so this one isn’t so kewl)
The absolute WEIRDEST recipe I’ve ever seen *strange as hell
Okay, one more just to gross you out *STRANGE
Beer Battered Chicken (extremely fattening) *kewl

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At 8:24 AM, Blogger Merry said...

For some reason I can't cut and paste the URL - but you might want to go see the "STEVE DON'T EAT IT!" website at:

The guy tests food the rest of us wouldn't even think of eating (in most cases). Then he reviews it.

He includes pictures.


At 1:32 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

OMG – lol!


At 6:54 PM, Blogger Shesawriter said...

Now that's just gross.


At 7:29 AM, Blogger Sam said...

I um, didn't make it past the kitty litter cake.

I'm trying to imagine a mother actually serving that for her kid. Talk abotu a trauma for life.

At 9:18 AM, Blogger Marianne LaCroix said...

Yeah, the kitty litter cake just....oh yuck....

My Thursday 13 link:


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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Author Shonna Brannon's New Book

Good Sunday To Ya

One of the authors who donated prizes to the writers' workshop I just taught was Shonna Brannon. Wanted to show you her kewl book cover and offer some information about this author and the book she so generously shared, a gift to one lucky member of my class!


Shonna Brannon has been writing almost all her life, but really began taking it seriously in 2004. She completed her first novel that year and started brainstorming two more. She became a freelance writer in 2006 to make ends meet, and in October 2006, she sold her first novel, In the Nick of Time, to Cobblestone Press, released in January 2007. A month later she sold her second book, The Spirit Within, to Cobblestone Press, released April 2007. Her third book sold to Cobblestone in May 2007. It released July 27, 2007. She constantly looks for ways to learn more about her craft and improve her writing.


Falcon Hunter’s a proud Indian warrior cursed into the form of a falcon for eternity for defending the woman he loves. To break the curse, he must regain the love of his reincarnated wife.

Christina Rainwater, the healer for her people, has been followed by a beautiful falcon for years. Although she knows he doesn’t understand her, he quickly became her confidante. An unknown evil begins stalking her and her only solace is the bronzed god who keeps coming to her rescue and invading her dreams.

Read an Excerpt
Content: Sensual Romance
This title contains violent themes.

Buy the book here:




At 11:44 AM, Anonymous Shonna Brannon said...

Thanks for the plug and for stopping by my blog! I was glad to donae the book. Hope whoever gets it enjoys it.

At 3:24 PM, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

I'll have to look to see who gets it - will let you or Misty know!

And you are quite welcome - my pleasure.


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